Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eau de Roxy... Ewwww!

Oh what a sleepless 4 nights we've had! What were we thinking, leaving "baby girl" home all alone on New Year's Eve with no one to cuddle with as the ball dropped 2010? Same thing you're thinking.... she's a dog!

Our last Thursday was productive, from what I remember. After Devin's afternoon nap, we went to Costco for some much needed staples - milk, bread, water, etc. - and came home quickly to put our groceries away, feed the dog, and grab our stuff to take with us to Grandma and Papa's. Not knowing how long the kids would last (or behave!) we took their pajamas over in case we came home anytime after their bedtime, which was almost very probable anyway! We had a yummy dinner and rang in the New Year with some Martinelli's and headed home no later than 1/2 hour into the New Year. I almost forgot... we only had ONE kid coming home with us, as Dominic and Donovan hitched a ride with the Party of Six girls and had a groovy time spending the night with their cousins. How sweet was that??

Because of the cold nights we've had, and the lonesome doghouse Roxy's had in the past month, we've allowed Roxy to sleep in our bathroom at night. She LOVES her Costco bed! And here is where the saga begins.... {enter Twilight Zone music here}....

It was nearing 1:00 AM when Rudy went to lock the doors, turn off lights and bring in the dog. She wasn't at the back door; didn't come when called; not a peep was heard from her, but the fireworks being blasted in the court next to ours. Roxy was GONE! Devin was sound asleep in his crib, I was ready for bed, and Rudy headed out in search of our girl. She has NEVER left her home before. We didn't know what to think! Getting a little worried myself (and not able to sleep anyway) I went to grab the phone and call Rudy to get home, as there was no point in searching in the dark, nor cold. It was 2:30 AM when he walked through the door. Luckily, Devin slept in a bit and we all got some much needed sleep. New Year's Day was a bit awkward not having Roxy around. The Animal Control and SPCA shelters were closed for the day and we didn't have much hope of having Roxy returned. She's a gorgeous, sweet little girl who would be happy with any attention she got. I was a bit furious, knowing she had her BRAND NEW collar on with her tag, giving out our address and 3 phone numbers, and STILL she had not be returned??? No call??? Next thought, if nobody has her, what street might she be lying in?

Saturday, January 2nd: Rudy went to three shelters in search of Roxy and left information in their LOST binders. I created a post on Craigslist about her disappearance. Apparently, there are a lot of animals gone astray on this very night. I didn't get any "leads" from my post; just the typical sales-pitch email that gets spammed to everyone. Thankfully my email address was hidden.

We went to church on Sunday and prayed for Roxy's safe return, when it was getting scarier just thinking of how long she'd been gone and our hope was near nonexistence. Grandma Gertie made the BEST "Missing" flyers to post around the neighborhood. Certainly someone had to have seen her, right? Rudy posted the flyers around the neighborhood in the dark that Sunday night. He had intentions of printing up more while he was at work the next day. I was looking forward to a good night's sleep, knowing that Monday would bring me a day of hope and phone calls. It was, however, a rough night. I couldn't sleep. I SWORE I heard dog feet scratching at our back door in the middle of the night - so much so, that I got up to go see if Roxy happened to be there. Nope.

Monday morning came along, kids were still in bed (Dominic didn't have school until Tuesday), Rudy was packing his lunch for work, when the doorbell rang... Our neighbor's son has spotted Roxy and is after her on his bike!!! Rudy takes off with his car, and comes back without Roxy. It was a positive identification however and we now know she's in the neighborhood somewhere. She's running scared. After dropping of his kids at school, our neighbor kindly went out searching for Roxy himself, knowing I had my hands full with three kids on the brink of breakfast. I gathered his search was unsuccessful when I spotted his car back at the house and no Roxy at mine.

About 9:30 am, the first call came in. I have an intersection to where she was seen. I load up the pajama'd kids, grab a leash and head out. Nothing. Not a sight. I looped around the block, and up and down a few nearby streets. I was determined to find her. I was about to turn a corner when I spotted her, running down the sidewalk toward me. I got out of the car, called her (to which she gave me the 'deer in the headlamp' look), crouched down to her level, yet she ran back the opposite direction... FAST. I got back in the car and began what was clocked as a 25 mph chase around the block. She was bookin' it! I wondered when a car would come along and hit her, or if anyone coming out of their house would see her and try to help me, but no. The chase was on. I felt bad, but I didn't want to lose her... again. I wondered what was going through her mind. She'd been roaming the streets all this time? Finally, I think she surrendered out of desperation. She was tired. She had a limp in her rear leg. I stopped the car as she wandered between parked cars. I lost track of her for a second, but she came around my car and allowed me to leash her. Her toenails were bleeding, her mouth moist with slobber, and oh my.... she'd been SKUNKED!!!

I hoisted her into the car and led her home where she belonged. She's home, she's safe, and she's getting so spoiled! A visit to the vet checked out okay and she's been enjoying her Costco dog bed A LOT. We are so happy to have her home, and so afraid to ever leave her again.

She's been doing a LOT of this since she came home.


Mom says, "Don't you ever, EVER run away again!"

Too tired to chew...

... easier to just dream about it.

Delirious, Roxy took up the kids' bean bag chair as her own!

Donovan is glad to have his girl home.

He's trying so hard not to disturb her....

... and gets this for doing so!

Having a little chat with Dad...

... and still not seeing eye to eye on things.


Joan said...

She's absolutely precious Andria. So glad you found her with no injuries and just a trip to the store for some tomato juice! lol A skunk! Hilarious! Poor Girl.
I would be sleeping for days too!

Kristie said...

I think Roxy is a brand new 'bitch'. ;P

She's lovin the whole indoor dog thing. I love the pics with the kids laying with her on the dog bed. I miss those days. So sweet.

I be Roxy never runs off again... not after that ordeal... I think we should do New Years at your house next year... We'll bring Kallie over to play with Roxy.