Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker

After many months of agonizing over "the list", I think we finally have a name for this little guy. Mind you, "the list" was probably only 5 names, Rudy was adamant about this child having a D-name. I think we had more trouble with the middle name, or at least I did. I won't spare you the runner-ups, but I feel we've made a decent selection. There's no significance in his name really, but knowing that I may call this guy "Little Ricky" has this cuteness to it - of course, probably not cute when he's 13 years old! Lord knows I can't keep the other D's in our household straight!

So, there you have it. It's even been written in the paperwork for his birth-certificate - just waiting on his BIRTHDAY to fill in the rest!

I confess...

....I'm addicted to Starbuck's!

Or, shall I say THIS BABY is addicted to Starbuck's? I can't help it! The conveniency of Starbuck's being on the way to the freeway after dropping off the kids is just too much! No wonder they have so many stores. You can't avoid them! Everywhere you turn there's one available to you. Today's withdrawal symptoms forced me to the store located closest to Dominic's school. I actually got him to his classroom early and well, THAT deserved a Starbuck's visit.

It is common for waddling pregnant women to get asked questions when seen out in public. Typical ones include:

  • Is this your first?
  • Do you know what you're having? ( which I reply, "A baby!")
  • How much further?

However, today's Starbuck's Barista flat out asked me, "Are you having a BOY?"

How'd she know? Do other addicted pregnant women order the same drink? I'm shocked. I guess there's just a 50/50 chance of her being right, but really, how could she tell? She was quite proud of herself for guessing correctly. Apparently, out of 6 crazy pregnant women who she has served recently, she's been correct on all of them. (I didn't ask if she knows of any women having girls. I wonder what qualities they possess?)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Snippings

So the weekend wasn't all that it was CRACKED up to be...
  1. Friday's attempt to be seen by my doctor resulted in a few missed calls by her office (due to the fact I WAS AT WORK AND THAT'S WHERE I CALLED FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE!) So, taking the advice from the ADVICE nurse, whom I spoke with earlier that day, I placed myself into the Urgent Care Office on Saturday morning. After being prescribed an antibiotic for my numb, sore, can't-breathe face, I had hoped for a delicious Crab Feed dinner that night. It didn't happen. Still could not taste a thing. I had to pretend to enjoy my food. And that's how it went the entire time. I was bummed.

  2. We were threatened with a horrendous storm to blow through the Valley for the weekend. 70 mph winds, horizontal rain, low snow, etc. Waiting, waiting, waiting....and, screw it, I'm getting out of the house and getting the boys' haircuts. Not sure what happened to the storm.
Grandma Gertie came over to help me wrestle what I thought would be an out-of-control, snotty nosed two-year old at the hair salon. Instead, I was granted the most behaved sitting at a haircut EVER! It was unbelievable. I'm not sure if it was the prep-talking about the ordeal we were about to endure that did it OR the threat of Grandma watching OR the sucker reward that was waiting at the end OR maybe it was the camera? Certainly, Grandma wouldn't take pictures of the disaster we usually go through, or would she? We ended our outing with a trip to purchase birthday presents for next weekend's parties and the weekly trip to Costco. Thanks to Grandma Gertie for making our outing more enjoyable while Rudy played with filing taxes. Blech!

Donovan's BEFORE and AFTER - what a difference!

Dominic insisted on the "faux hawk" again.
He was disappointed
to have it washed out in tonight's bath.
(I'm not sure why he had to sit at the "Princess" booth.

He never really noticed anyway.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Official...

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Yep, I think I've mastered the technique....I'm officially WADDLING.
Do penguins eat crab? IF I could only have my sense of taste back - it disappeared yesterday - I would so love to be able to TASTE my dinner tomorrow at the annual Crab Feed. It seems like a chore to eat. Why bother? I can't taste anything; there's nothing about "eating" to enjoy. It's the ONLY time I eat crab meat and if I can't enjoy it, someone better take me to an "all-you-can-eat" somewhere so that I can get my fill.
Send me some healthy vibes to get over this cold/sinus congestion issue!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Congrats Chris and Angela!

February 14, 2008
(somewhere in Lake Tahoe)

Congrats going out to my brother and his bride, Angela. I'm not sure if we'll ever see Chris in a suit again, but knowing him, it's sure to fit him for many years down the road. He'll get good use out of it! Welcome to the family Angela! We love A-names around here and are glad you and Ana fit in so well. Does this mean Dominic can't call you "Ms. Angela" anymore? (It sort of gives you that teacher-title, don't you think?)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Happenings

We didn't attend church today since we're still passing around illnesses, and well, apparently, it just wasn't the same after learning what happened last night. Services still went on in the nearby hall, but just knowing that we could have been sitting in those pews (because we normally sit on those that were destroyed) makes us thankful that this happened overnight and not during Sunday services. You can view the entire story here. Imagine a shamrock-like setting for our church: the stem is the back of the church, the front of the church is the middle "petal" (of three sides). In this incident, this driver drove through the front of the church taking out the right side pews, then proceded to the "third petal" and took out some of those pews on the right side. He came to a stop at the baby grand piano. Miraculously, the church statues, including the Patron Saint, St. John Vianney, were left unharmed.

Missing the front water feature, the driver took down the huge, heavy front doors to the church, went into the foyer area, through another set of double doors and proceded to take out rows of pews.

This shows the right side of pews taken out. The driver then drove over the green-carpeted altar area to the right side of the church, where more pews were damaged. Amazing!

In other news.... despite runny noses, coughing and just plain feeling crummy, we all went outside to soak up some sunshine. It felt good! Dominic got to ride his "big wheel" since he now fits it better, and Donovan watched Dad change brake pads on "Mini Pearl". Eventually, Dominic felt the need to help Dad out.

Having fun in the sun!

Donovan snuck in a ride while brother was away for a few minutes.

Using "super powers" to lift up my tire to change brake pads.
Dominic LOVED this!

And finally, at the end of the day, after all those sibling battles, the boys enjoyed something that even Dad approved of...jumping on our bed! After a slight collision and a touch of the ice pack (on Dominic's noggin), the boys had a blast. If only they could play like this all the time! Doesn't it look like they actually enjoy each other?

...yep, Dad approved!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Struck by Cupid's Arrow...

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It's been a rough week. For me, it's been an emotionally challenging one too. I hope the weekend allows for all of us to rejuvenate and be stronger for the next week.

Rudy must think he's in the "dog house" these past couple days. Well, considering he's "sick as a dog" and very grumpy toward the kids lately...THAT could put him there. He must have taken notice of my inability to keep up with things around the house and my constant evening battles with the kids, that I've got my hands full and center of gravity is shifting, thus pulling me down! I'm going CRAZY!!!

After an 8:30 AM appointment for myself this morning with a Prenatal Nurse (just to go over PAPERWORK - you know, the "who to send the bill to for cost of Labor and Delivery" paperwork OR the "who's responsible for this pregnant woman and her child" paperwork) I surprisingly got an appointment for Donovan to be seen at 9:00!!! Rudy had to hustle his butt to meet me there with the poor little sick one. We've been battling temperatures of 101 to 104 since Monday afternoon, then came the constant runny nose and bark-like cough. His appetite had diminished, he's been drinking fluids like a horse and he just was feeling crummy - just not himself. After spending his sick days with Dad, Donovan would have a bad case of "Mommy-itis" when I returned home from work and getting Dominic. At the appointment, we learned of the influenza that is spreading like wild fire throughout schools and daycare facilities. Apparently, this "flu" that is going around is a strain that is NOT covered within the influenza vaccination that most of our kids got (and me too!). This is most likely his "diagnosis", although we opted for them to do a swab test (80% accuracy) to determine if that is what was going on with the little man. RESULTS = Negative! So, either this strain he has isn't covered within the testing parameters, or could he be on the mend? Or maybe he falls within that 10 percent? What does that 10 percent mean? I don't think I get it. Statistics aren't my thing. All I know is I've got one sick kiddo who wants attention like no other.

In an effort to "get out of the dog house", or because he found an awesome deal he couldn't pass up, or simply "just because", or perhaps, it's Valentine's Day and it's just the thing you're supposed to do, today I was "forced" to go to work (while Rudy stayed home with Donovan) because I needed to be there for a "delivery". This, after having just received on Wednesday, a small floral arrangement of light pink roses and some other flowers that I know starts with an "A". Interesting. So, the small arrangement was just a teaser to what was to arrive today?

Today's "delivery" arrived at 4:20 P.M.
(Mom, what's wrong with my camera settings now?)

He may not be out of the dog house just yet, but I DID make a special trip to the store at lunchtime today to purchase items for tonight's dinner. Little does he know that he's got to man the grill!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Party #4 and a Closet Project

Birthday Party #4 for the CRAZY month of February was for a classmate of Dominic's. I did not take any pictures...I didn't know anyone! Julia's party was at yet ANOTHER local bounce house party arena. I think Dominic had a hangover from last night's party that this one was just too much for him. Surprisingly, there were very few kids from school. Out of nearly 36 kindergartners, probably only 10 were present today. Dominic enjoyed playing air hockey with his "partner in crime" from school and beat him 7-3. I guess having your own air hockey table at home really pays off?

So the rest of the afternoon, I attempted to let my "nesting" instincts kick in. Mind you, I have 8 weeks or less before Baby #3 arrives and the "handy hands" around the house has been oblivious to such time frame. It's time to make some sort of "move". By putting both the boys in one room, it is certainly going to be cramped for space. The closets for their room, as well as the baby's room, need some serious revamping. I was inspired greatly by a fellow blogger, Danielle, to purchase this awesome closet organizer from Costco. Get this:
  1. No studs to find.
  2. No tools, levels or measuring tape to use. (I was SOLD here.)
  3. No mathematical equations to solve.
  4. No TEN trips to the local Home Depot for the RIGHT screw to suit the needs.
  5. No sawdust to clean up; no markings on the wall.
  6. No "unfinished" task left sitting until next weekend when time allows for YET another trip to Home Depot for something so drastically needed to finish the project.
It was ALL me! This was my kind of project. Would you be so kind as to give me some applause? (All I've gotten was my own pat on my back!) Although, this was NOT my preferred "system" to go into the closet, it had to be done NOW. I'm in a demanding mood. Perhaps, the "system" for the baby's closet will be more like what I was hoping for.

So what do you think? I'm only brave enough to show you one side.

The Before. The 3-drawers weren't getting much use in there anyway.

The After. Ahhhh. Okay, it looks crowded but at least there's a place for stuff, right? ...and things are less likely to fall on your head.

So this cleared some stuff from taking up space in the room itself. And I was constantly reminded that our Robot would be making her rounds in the morning. I'm content with my doings today to not fear what she may suck up. Although more can be done (and Donovan hasn't moved in yet), I'm satisfied with what's been accomplished so far.

Now, if only my "instincts" would allow me to scrub floors and do bathrooms... I'm still waiting for them to kick in!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Birthday Party #3

Whoo hooo, it's the big TWO!!! "The Baby Cousins" as Dominic calls them, turned 2 on the 6th. We celebrated tonight at BounceTown (it's the happenin' place!). Sydney and Peyton, the birthday girls, seemed to be in good spirits and having fun, despite it being toward the end of a long day. The party certainly wore the kids out (and their parents too!).

Here are some highlights of the evening, showing all the fun the guests had:

Donovan gets some tummy time in the bounce house

Rudy gets some "girl" time with Sydney.

Dominic races to the bottom of the slide; Dad not far behind.

Rudy, Donovan and Peyton get prepared for take off!

...On to Birthday #4 tomorrow...I'm worn out!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pasta and a "Cheese"!

Dominic's appetite is back, after a two-day hiatus. He's been fighting off a cold with fever, as well as Grandma and Papa, Cousin Matthew and Tio. We're trying to get healthy enough for this weekend's birthday bashes.

Dominic's menu item of choice for dinner was "twirly pasta" (Rotini?) It was upon his second serving that his tooth, that's been struggling to stay in place, finally came out. This was a bit more bloodier than the first tooth he lost, but once again, no tears! (ALMOST...but the quick clean up was what kept him from freaking out about it).

Earlier in the day, a quick glance outside showed Roxy and Fred enjoying the 60-degree weather and soaking up the sun....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthday Party #2

...for the crazy month of February.

Miss Mia Rosa also had a 5th birthday party this weekend. Dominic was really excited for this party, as the invitations were Transformers-themed. Go figure! (We got her Barbie stuff anyway!)

For such a rainy-forecasted day, balloons, bubbles and a crawl-through obstacle course kept the kids entertained in the confined space they had. It was cozy, and the food was yummy. Mia got a lot of fun presents, including her Fire Fighter uniform that she couldn't wait to get into. It fits her well!

"Shameless Flirt" says Peyton's shirt!

Hello? Is this thing on?

Bianca and Uncle Mike discuss their Superbowl picks.

We've got more birthdays next weekend....stay tuned!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Birthday Party #1

...for the crazy month of February.

Do you see where this is going? Hold on tight, we've got jam-packed weekends coming!

Cousin Matthew held a party on Friday night at our local bounce house play arena. He turns FIVE on the 5th. Apparently, he's been sucked into this Power Ranger "cult" as other 5-year old boys have. Hence, the attire for the night, and the theme of his party. Dominic had a blast, of course. Donovan was a little "under the weather" for the night, but perked up some after getting adjusted to the surroundings.

I'm not sure why my sister-in-law trusted me with a camera (she forgot hers and only had the video camera) so I had "still photo" duties, mainly for the cake and guest-gathering area. I'm sure after she sees how crumby a photographer I am (or how crappy my camera is ... or a little of each!) that I won't ever get these duties again. Very hard to capture these active kids without blurs of superhero speed showing up on the photos.

Sydney's reaction to how OLD Matthew is!

Luckily we don't get too many of these poses for photos.

I think they purposely put black, red and blue icing on the cake so that us adults avoid it for fear of, well, looking like Matthew below!

Matthew's consolation prize
with a picture of all his guests.