Friday, May 29, 2009


My blog friend Kelli is amazing. With 3 boys of her own, we have a lot in common. However, her creativity is one of a kind. I can't top that. Rarely passing up chances to win something, I figured I'd enter her "giveaway" she's got going on because, well, my boys have outgrown their Disney personalized towels and I'd cherish one made by Kelli, the Supermom herself! Check out her blog to see what talent she has and how she performs miracles that I wish I could do myself! Oh, and enter to win a beach towel of your own!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Boys and their toys..

Donovan has become quite the expert in outdoor yard tools lately. He can't wait to get his hands on the pooper scooper, the rake, a broom or any of the manly power tools that he patiently waits for his Dad to rev up. He often mimicks mowing the lawn with his push toys that he's easily overgrown but finds a use for. Devin usually has to fight for his walking toys, since Donovan has claimed them for a different purpose.

Every day, at about 90-degrees or so, Donovan begs his Dad to "mow the lawn", "use the edger" or "use the weed-eater", and sometimes the leafblower. He is quite persistent and is disappointed when the lawn doesn't get mowed EVERY day.

Donovan has his own "weedeater", given to Dominic originally by Uncle Ben a few birthdays ago. With goggles he makes the whole "gardener" look complete. Don't you think?

That ain't no garden hose!

I believe it was Saturday afternoon when a discovery was made outside in the front yard. Rudy had been weedwacking and edging the lawn, while manicuring the neighbor's lawn as well. Donovan was out with him making sure Daddy was doing his job correctly. Donovan was raking (fluffing?) the already mowed lawn bringing out more clippings to be swept up later.

Rudy: (turning off all power tools, and rushing to the front door) Dominic, come here quick!
What, what is it?

Dude, get'yer shoes on and get out here.

(the curiosity was getting the best of me)

Andria, come out here!

Me: (oh jeez, what's dead?) Do I need my camera?

Yes, I think so.

I scramble to find my memory card for the camera, load it up, and race out to find Rudy pestering something in the lawn with the rake.

It was here! I should not have stopped. Perhaps I injured it?

What, what is it?

A snake. Stand back!

Me: (well for cryin' out loud) You call us all out here and you won't let us see it?
It was gone.

Dominic and I head back in the house. Rudy starts the yard equipment again. And suddenly it stops. "There it is, see it? Maybe I killed it?".
So, here's my shot. I wasn't going to get any closer as I think this little friendly guy was probably already pissed off. Here he lies, under our side driveway... and yes, still alive.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woof, she did it again!

We've had some gorgeous, comfortable weather here for the past week. It even topped in the 100s last weekend! It's been so nice being able to open the windows in the evening, letting the breeze flow in. The kids and I have even been able to fit a walk/stroll/run in before the sun sets. I love it!

Fred and Roxy are enjoying these cool nights as well. Fred much moreso, laying on the cool, damp lawn for sometimes the entire night. Roxy is still trying to stay warm in the dog house as much as she can.... or so I thought!

The suspect....

The crime....

I must say, this was the oldest surviving dog bed... reaching a good 5 months! Apparently Roxy has had enough and felt it was time to unbury her rap sheet to add "Dogbed #3" to her list. So upon my discovery of this mess when I returned home from work, I started to ponder the reasoning for it all. Dumb I know... we're talking about Roxy here. Here's what I've come up with so far:
  1. Bouncy balls, squeaky toys, drain hole covers, sprinkler heads and dirt holes just aren't attractive anymore.
  2. Feeling sorry for Fred in his old age, she felt the bed was better for him OUT of the doghouse, since that's where he sleeps.
  3. Feeling rather warm herself, she decided the dog bed had to go and that would allow a cooler doghouse for the summer.
  4. Perhaps she didn't care for the cedar bark odor it had?
Way to go Roxy! Little does she know, she has just ruined her padded comfort for her house and will now have to accept those cracked and calloused elbows and ankles she'll soon be sporting. Dumb Roxy, dumb.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's my weekend, so I'll post if I want to!

Happy Mother's Day to all those special moms in my life! We had a great weekend celebrating the great weather and wonderful moms we are surrounded by.

My Saturday started with a 2.5 mile run with my fellow moms of our Moms In Motion team. And somehow I squeezed in a haircut, a much-needed brow wax and manicure. Good grief, it had been quite some time since I did something for myself like that! I met up with the rest of the gang over at the in-laws for some backyard relaxing while the kids played. We missed Bianca and Tia Kristie!

Grandma's munchkins (minus Bianca)

These kids crack me up.
Do you see how much fun they have together?

They are inseparable cousins!

After church on Sunday, we continued to celebrate moms on my side of the family. The kids played with their cousins, we had a yummy dinner and even a little photo-op with my boys. I must say, the weekend was just too short.

Devin and I with my new do and dorky grin!

Me and my boys (and Jedi Alex in the back)

There's just no words for this picture...
We could play a game... How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Clowning around..

Because my blog is lacking some action lately, entering these contests seem to make me feel a bit more productive!

Once again, it's the I Love Faces photo entry, using the theme: Hats!

Grandma took this photo of Devin and it was used for his 1st Birthday invitations. I love it!