Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Magically delirious!

We're back from WDW! We have such wonderful memories of our trip that I can't wait to blog about. We had such a wonderful time that it is hard to get back into this cold California setting. I've got mounds of laundry and souvenirs to sort through and am lucky that all the kids are able to go to daycare today so that I can somehow find myself here. Hopefully this computer won't distract me too much!

Despite a double ear infection, double pink eye and double trouble attitudes, we were able to visit all of the Disney parks with little setbacks. We were always on the go, with little time to relax back at our hotel room. We are exhausted. There are so many pictures to share - Grandma Gertie took over 700 with her camera. I have yet to upload mine. The kids saw so many characters and got autographs and pictures with them. I was surprised we got to see so many.

Here's wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year! Stay tuned for day by day blog posts of our trip!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Il Fornaio Party

By request, here are some pictures from my company Christmas Party that was held this past weekend. It was at the same place as last year's. We had a great time, thanks to Grandma and Papa for watching the kiddos for us. We left as the party-harders merged toward the bar area to finish the night away. My friend Terra always takes photos of the event to post in our breakroom at work. We can always count on her to annoy us with the bright flash of the camera.

We both had the "Contro Filetto con Fungi" for dinner.

The boss' wife with their son Rob, my coworker.
(yes, Rob is rolling his eyes!)

The boss with Terra
He made a comment during his "speech" that the reason for the black shirt
was because it was the only one that would button around the collar!
(...and not because it was a sign of the times and the downfall of the company.)

Yours truly!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The caroling has begun!

I had a busy Saturday, not sure about the rest of you! I finally got a couple hours to myself, as Rudy has been working a lot of weekend overtime lately. I left the boys home while getting my hair cut, searching for some miracle-of-an-outfit to wear for this weekend's Christmas dinner, a jaunt to the store for potluck ingredients and a package pick-up at the post office! I wish I could have stayed out more, but as it was, getting home at 2:00 was not enough to get 3 boys and a husband decent to go to a birthday party before our evening potluck at daycare. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrew and Luke! Sorry we missed your splash of a bash at your pool party.

Now, here we go a caroling... I confess, I had a little something to do with the date-choosing for the Daycare Potluck this year. I know, I know.. me?? It was carefully thought out though, really. I knew we'd have plans on the 13th (my Company's Dinner) and I didn't want to miss another year of seeing my kids sing their little off-tune lungs out, especially Devin, cause you know, his singing tops all the others. Anyway, it worked out well. In fact, this was the first year in a long while that every child and their family attended. It was a full house! So without further ado...

The dessert array is always fantastic. Dominic had a few too many cookies while others had experimented dipping into the chocolate fountain. Can you tell?

Peyton and Sydney were in chocolate heaven! And this is where we can be thankful for "Spray n' Wash"... or grandmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas cards are coming...

Here's a sneak peek!...

I gotta give props to Robin for capturing this shot of our clan. She came into our schedule at the right time and we FINALLY got some pictures of Devin on his own. It was a goofy session, trying to make 3 boys smile and all - Donovan wasn't feeling too great, Devin was teething (and drooling!) and Dominic... was just Dominic.