Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Wild Ones go to the Zoo...

Cousin Bianca stayed the night after Emma's party and entertained the boys by playing Power Rangers through the house. For the most part, I think we all slept fairly well and started our fabulous Sunday morning with a pancake breakfast.

We spent the afternoon of this gorgeous Sunday at the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town. What a way to suck the energy out of kids!

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I {heart} faces!

I love kids' faces. They tell so much! Proud Grandma took this photo of Donovan at Christmas 2007. It seems so long ago! I am happy to enter it into the "I love faces" theme for this week: Reflections.

Monday, April 27, 2009

We're Rollin'....Rollin'....

Saturday evening we laced up our skates for a rollerskating birthday party for Cousin Emma. When Emma turns 11, it must mean time is flyin! Donovan was so excited to use his Lightning McQueen rollerskates, knee pads and elbow pads. He was stylin'. And he didn't want anyone to hold his hand! Dominic got his skates laced up and wheels tightened to help limit the number of bruises he'd have today. I even got some wheels on myself and made a few laps on the rink before I felt it was in my best interest to remove them for fear of killing myself! How I did that as a child, I do not know!

Bianca tries to be daring...

...but doesn't succeed.

However, she still rates it a two thumbs up!

I wish I had some pictures of my boys! The darned batteries went out on my flash!

Moms, Mojitos & More!

On Friday, I was allowed a "Moms Night Out" and was thankful for the opportunity. Originally scheduled to be a "Pizza Bingo" for Tupperware Party, it was combined into a "Movie Night" at Dawn's house. I'm glad we went this route instead. I was Hostess for the Tupperware, while Dawn hosted in her home with taquitos, mojitos and more! I was actually looking forward to watching a movie, but we never really moved ourselves from the round table of good times and Tupperware fun! My limit was 11:30 pm knowing I had to get up at 6:00 the next morning. Ugh, that was brutal!

Taquitos... gone!

I'm not sure what's so funny about an ice cream scoop!

I just like this picture of Katherine and Lesa.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here comes the Sun...

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Late Saturday morning, as things were starting to warm up around here, Donovan, Devin and I met up with some Elk Grove moms for a playdate at the park. We met up for some Peet's coffee and walked along a trail to a cute little playground for the kids to enjoy. We had a great time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Easter Weekend (with a Birthday!)

I'm bunny-pooped out! Our weekend was pretty full, with little breathing room.

After Friday night's birthday celebration playing Bingo (exciting life for a Friday, right?), I crawled out of bed Saturday morning for our first workout training in my Moms in Motion Spring Team. We start off little, only to go BIG once we're toward our culminating 5K events toward the end of June. My pace for 1 mile was much less than the minute-pace I did in the 5K in March .... but then, all I had to do was 1 mile, so I didn't have miles 2 and 3 to slow me down. But still, it is improvement! After our timed mile, our fearless leader had us do push-ups and squats. I will work hard this week to do 3 push-ups straight and not face plant myself for lack of control. I look forward to next Saturday's 6:00 AM wakeup call for more "basic training".

Dominic and Dad had kickboxing class and the other two went with me to get my nails done. Priorities! Grandma Gertie had the appt. before mine, so she took the boys home with her for a bit. I attacked Costco before picking them back up and heading home to grab the rest of the gang (with our eggs!) and off to Grandma and Papa Cinnamon for an egg hunt with cousins and a yummy ham dinner. I think 2 out of 3 boys fell asleep on the drive home.

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny overloaded the boys' baskets with goodies. Dominic got some favorite Bakugan items, while Donovan got the new Tigger and Pooh DVD. Devin settled for a monkey stuffed animal. After breakfast and baths, we headed off to church for Easter Services and Egg Hunt. Devin slept for most of church; Donovan couldn't get enough guitar-gazing from our seats; and Dominic just couldn't wait to be over with it all. They each got a few eggs in the egg hunt afterward and Dominic even won a stuffed lamb in the raffle. He was tickled about it, yet Devin claimed the plush lamb for the drive home.

Off to gather a few items from the store (including my birthday/Easter cake) and home we went to change clothes and gather items for our Easter Festivities with Grandma/Papa Gertie and the rest of the family. An egg hunt, fabulous dinner and candle-blowing finished our weekend and made for some very tired boys ... and Mommy!

"Hands off my eggs!"

Cousin Kalyn

Cousin Matthew

Donovan discovers money inside his egg.

A bunny without a hop...

Devin, Dominic and Cousin Addison

My favorite picture of Devin, Papa and Donovan

Rudy Rabbit

Another year goes by for me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Funtastic Party

Quick! Hurry! Get there before it's all over! Devin's birthday party had to have been the shortest party we've ever had ... and I hate that! Despite being rushed to party and get the heck out of there, we had a FUNTASTIC time. Grandma made tamales, which Devin loved by the way, and we are overflowing with rice. The cake (and icing) were delicious, according to Devin's standards and surprisingly, we didn't have too much left over. I can't wait for summer to show off all of the new clothes this kid got. What a loot! We thank everyone for coming out, especially those who had to travel a long distance.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet One!

Happy 1st Birthday Devin!
It hardly seems like it's been a year since my little guy was born. Devin was my easiest birth experience and the best. He's a happy, bubbly guy for the most part and I look forward to all of the adventures he'll be taking along with his older brothers. After his cupcake party at daycare today, Devin will have a big party tomorrow and then on to enjoying life as a ONE year old!