Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missing our Baby Girl

We tragically lost our Baby Girl on Friday. She passed away at a dog park on just this side of Heaven. She has now crossed that bridge and will be greatly missed. We love you Roxy!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our March Madness

Nope. This post has nothing to do with NCAA Basketball. Even though March is nearing its end, I've already got a folder full of pictures from our little outings during this beautiful weather. We welcome Spring today with open arms. Here are some of my favorite photos of the month:

We showed Luke the fish at the hatchery.

Luke, from inside the big fish.

Dude, I don't kiss on the first date...
or any other date after that!

Donovan always showing Roxy some love.

My Moms' Group enjoyed a walk along Laguna Creek and to a park where the kids played. My friend Linda joined us with her grandson, Xavier, and will hopefully be out with us more often since the weather has allowed it. This was Xavier's first "playdate" and he had a great time (even with an emergency store-bought binky!).

The Binky Tree
Bet you didn't know?

How many turtles do you see?

After the Leprechaun Follies at school,
Donovan sits with Dominic and best friend, Trevor.

Showing off the "green".

... more to come!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a Spring kind of thing!

My two little ones are my "outsiders". They can play for hours outdoors, but also track a lot of the dirt they find indoors. The weather is going to be fantastic this week. I can't wait to soak up the sun.

Can you believe this? Devin... telling me about the piles of green waste to pick up so that he can ride the loop in the backyard. There's no off-roading for him!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Zoo with 2!

We had some threatening clouds here on Monday, and after a beautiful Sunday, we were hoping the rain would stay away so that we could take a zoo trip with the moms' group. What a gorgeous morning it ended up being. I'm so glad we went.

Feeling the need to keep these kids out of the house more and more, especially when the weather allows, I felt it was time to apply for a membership to the zoo. I think it will be beneficial for all of us. I'm excited to get to know the animals a lot more. It's not the biggest or greatest of zoos, but it'll suffice for these kiddos.

Let me tell ya... it wasn't easy keeping track of these mobile ones. As Donovan usually hid around a bush or just out of sight, Devin insisted on pushing his own stroller. This mama was wrangling kids left and right. And so I lost my fellow moms and kiddos back near the kangaroos. We wandered on our own before stumbling upon my good friend Phyllis, from back in my clogging days. She is a docent for the zoo and was kind enough to spend some quality time with me and the boys and gave us the "inside scoop" on some of the exhibits here. Thank you Phyllis!

As we were strolling along, and my kids were out of control, three of the cutest girls in hot pink hoodies and one daringly handsome little boy following behind them, came dashing by on a mission somewhere. About all the same height, I began to recognize these kiddos - especially once I saw their beautiful mother trying to keep up with them. Ms. Gen is a hero, in my book. As a blog follower of her family since the kiddos were born, I approached Quad-Mom Gen (almost kissed her feet!) and told her who I was. I'm sure she is now seriously contemplating having a bodyguard out on her excursions with the kids, as I am just some strange woman in a zoo KNOWING who she was. FREAKY! She is the sweetest thing though.... and the kids... were long gone, but certainly in eyesight. We both had to hurry along and catch our rugrats. She had twice as many... How does she do that???

My boys had a great time. We saw a lot of the animals out in their enclosures and enjoyed watching the primates and their silly maneuvers. I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked, but I got some nonetheless....

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Pandamonium

We're keeping busy around here. I'm so thankful that my moms' group has so much on the calendar to keep me out of the house for a few hours here and there. I can't wait until the better weather allows for more outdoor playdates too! And coming this Friday.... Bunco! Woot, woot! (I wonder if the kids will be in bed by the time I get home?).

So, here's what we've been up to...

Devin got his curls cut. He and some other boys got together for a "Kids Cut Playdate" and enjoyed every minute of it.... well, the haircut part wasn't entirely enjoyable. It wasn't the best haircut either, but certainly a cheap one!

Our group of boys with their pre-nap sugar.

We went to the park with the new do ... and a runny nose.

We had a weird-weather day last week
and I caught this double rainbow.
No lucky charms were found nearby.

It was really bright for a while.

Cousin Ana had a birthday....

... so we partied.

Donovan's been training for the "Tour de Family Room" (notice the obstacles on this course!) Special thanks to Grandma and Papa and the SJV Crab Feed.

Devin is trying to "catch up" to his brother.

And today, we went to the Party Palace where Devin will have his 2nd birthday next month!

This kid is just plain WORN out!

Donovan's having a ball!

... and disregarding the "feet first" rule down the slide.

It only took me 3 premature falls down the ladder (not the slide!) and a skinned-up elbow to finally make it down the slide. Again? Yes, we did it again and again. Hence the soreness in my left arm from carrying 25+ pounds UP the thing. I'm whooped!

There's more in store for us for the month. Hopefully I can keep the camera nearby!