Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our March Madness

Nope. This post has nothing to do with NCAA Basketball. Even though March is nearing its end, I've already got a folder full of pictures from our little outings during this beautiful weather. We welcome Spring today with open arms. Here are some of my favorite photos of the month:

We showed Luke the fish at the hatchery.

Luke, from inside the big fish.

Dude, I don't kiss on the first date...
or any other date after that!

Donovan always showing Roxy some love.

My Moms' Group enjoyed a walk along Laguna Creek and to a park where the kids played. My friend Linda joined us with her grandson, Xavier, and will hopefully be out with us more often since the weather has allowed it. This was Xavier's first "playdate" and he had a great time (even with an emergency store-bought binky!).

The Binky Tree
Bet you didn't know?

How many turtles do you see?

After the Leprechaun Follies at school,
Donovan sits with Dominic and best friend, Trevor.

Showing off the "green".

... more to come!

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