Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gone Fishin'...

Okay, not really. However, we did enjoy a fish-themed playdate last week and had a ton of fun. Donovan, Devin and I met up with two other moms for a visit to the Capitol Aquarium here in Sacramento. It's a not-so-huge fish store for all types of fish enthusiasts. They have both freshwater and saltwater fish, rare fish, tropical fish, bubbly-eyed fish, catfish and scary fish. The boys were very observant and even got to feed the koi fish that welcomed us into the store.
With one mom leaving due to an appointment, Susan (with Scarlett) and I (with the boys) headed to Old Sacramento for some fishy treats at Joe's Crab Shack. I had never been there, always wanted to go and took this opportunity and went! What a fun place this was! We were seated next to a window overlooking the Sacramento River, and much to our surprise, a sea lion was perched out on the dock. We were told this was "Ernie" by our server, only later to find out it's actually "Ernestine". After our meal we took the kids down for a closer view of Ernestine and her happy little dock.

What? We got there on the wrong day?

Scarlett was a bit braver than the rest of us.
She was willing to try this tentacled calamari!

On our way to see "Ernie".

We strolled Old Sacramento and raided the candy store for some old time favorite Salt Water Taffy. With our loot in hand, we walked to the Westfield Mall to let the kids play in their kids area for a bit. Soon it was time to head back to our cars as we both had older children to pick up from school. Devin fell asleep in the car. Mission accomplished.

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