Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Daze

So it's only Week 2 of the month of May, but I've got a folder full of photos already! Are you ready? Here we go!

We celebrated Dominic's First Communion on May 1st. It was a beautiful day and we had a great celebration after Mass with family. Thanks to Grandma and Papa for the wonderful tamales. It was a feast!

Dominic with Fr. Moroney

Our Family

Dominic with his Godparents, Philip and Patty.

My nieces: Sydney, Bianca and Peyton.

Summer hasn't started yet, but the sprayparks have!

First of the season! We now have about 6 green tomatoes hoping to become ripe and edible before the birds find them. Here's hoping!

The wind does crazy things to a head full of hair!

Guess who???

Pizza my heart!

I love feet... sometimes! Can you name them all?
(Clockwise: Always spotting Bianca's toes (at 12), Peyton, Sydney,
Donovan, Matthew, Dominic and Kalyn.)

Hot Diggity Dog!

Like Father, Like Son. Just look at these men manning the grill for Mother's Day. Work it! Or, shall I say, "Grill It!"

Donovan, as is.

Some high flyin'!

Dominic, hanging out.

Sydney has a chat with her Dad... probably about scary movies.

Wait! There's more!..
Stay tuned....

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