Tuesday, February 10, 2009

250th Post - Why I blog!

What a perfect subject for a blog post and what perfect timing! Here's my 250th post!!! Since our WDW trip this past December, what could top that? Hence the reason for my lack of subject material lately. Also, you wouldn't want to hear my soap box on antibiotics and the kid that is immune to ALL of them. So I give you....

I blame Kristie for my blogging addiction, always have. In anticipation of the birth of my twin nieces, her blog was definitely worthy of reading... still is! So, what could I possibly blog about? My Three Wild Ones? - which actually started out before #3 came along and was titled "This Blog's For Me!".
I blog because...
  1. I think I'm funny. I'm my biggest blog fan and can attest to being the one putting the most hits on it -- which is why I don't have a "counter" on it. I'd be sure to count for 98% of my total.
  2. I have 3 boys who are blogworthy, funny, crazy and can sometimes drive this momma insane. So, why not blog about it?
  3. I'm bored at work. Heck, I'm blocked from youTube and I've mastered FreeCell and Solitaire. Blogging while bored is a sign of the construction industry. We're slow!
  4. Photography. I stink at it, but there's nothing like sharing a picture that tells a thousand words, right?
  5. It's a way to show the rest of the family (and friends, and unknowns) what we've been up to. Nevermind the fact we spend nearly every weekend with family anyways!
  6. It's my children's babybook.
  7. It's my excuse for not doing that load of laundry, that sink full of dishes or that mileage on the treadmill.
  8. It gives me freedom!

Why do you blog? Want to see some other great answers to this question? Visit the MommyCommunity site to see what others have to say!

Happy Blogging!


Kelli said...

Congrats on post #250!! I love your list! I especially like #2 and #7! If I ever took the time to make a list about why I blog, those two would definetly be on mine!! I can't wait to hear what new adventures you and your 3 Wild Ones have going on.

Cochran Quads said...

I'm glad you blog!!!

MarieY said...

Congrats on your 250th post. I loved reading your reason - especially #7 - I can add that to my own list why I blog.

The NV Mingays said...

#1 is my favorite. You are funny! I used to keep a counter on mine (keeps dying for some reason) and my husband always joked that over half of the counts at any given time were me. Keep up the good work!

LoveBugZ said...

I love your blog, you are the reason I blog, I started after reading yours, probably before you knew I read yours!!

Shell said...

Love, love, LOVE your list and I can relate to most all of them (except I have just two kids - one boy & one girl)...but #3 especially hits home!

I, too, work in the construction industry and I find that I do some of my best blogging while at the office!

Happy blogging!

Shasta said...

I have my counter set so it doesn't include hits from MY computer and this is the only computer I use to view my page. I would have A LOT more if I included my views!

I'm with you on the photography thing too, I'm not great, but I love it and it's all over my blog!

I found you through Kelli's blog, and I'm following you now. I have three boys as well, and I love to read about the lives of my fellow "boy moms"!