Thursday, March 5, 2009

A new do...

Admit it. We've all done a little experimenting with our own hair, right? Perhaps as a child you've lopped off a ponytail (just because) or you trimmed a few bangs???

I have boys. Do you think they'd get an idea such as cutting off their hair? I mean, a Cool Cut is done using clippers and certainly, my kids are so entertained during their haircuts that knowing the stylist is using scissors for the tops of their heads is unthinkable.

Dominic and Donovan did get their hair cut a couple weeks ago. The biggest downfall of the event was the empty sucker bucket at the end of the ordeal (we made up for it with gummy worms later).
Fast forward another week and I'm home with the boys by myself - ratio is 3:1. Devin was due for a nap and was enjoying a bottle in my lap. Dominic was entertaining himself in front of the TV, probably with Pokemon or Bakugan figures, and Donovan.... well, he was content somewhere else in the house. Typically he's watching a Wiggles video in our bedroom while playing his guitar along with them. The first clue that this was NOT the case this time, was when he came to me with an "owie". I saw blood. It wasn't bad, just a knick off his knuckle. However, I was afraid at seeing the source of the blood, and whether there was more of it hidden somewhere. Upon further investigation (with Donovan's guidance) I found myself in a hairy situation. There was hair all over my bathroom sink, and surprisingly, some was found on Donovan's face.

Insert gasp, sigh, freak out here....

Always curious with my makeup/travel bag, Donovan spotted a razor (scold me now!) in it and decided it should be used to "brush" his hair. Thankfully, he was spared the reverse mohawk and managed to trim a patch at the front, with 2 additional carvings randomly placed on his head. I did the typical mommy-freakout-scold the kid routine, and then thanked the Lord that my kid's masterpiece was cut short (no pun intended!) Needless to say, I have since relocated my travel bag and reminded myself that there can be hidden dangers in any childproof home!

Donovan's shaved knuckle healed just fine, and I haven't worn makeup in a long time (nor shaved my legs!)


Kelli said...

Too funny!! I'm glad he didn't really hurt himself...and his hair will grow back!! My boys have gotten their hands on my razors before, but the safety cover was on no one {or their hair} got cut!!

Joan said...

lol OH that so takes the cake right there! Hilarious to say the least. Thank god we escape with just a little scrape and a few missing patches of air. Oh thank the lord too he is not a girl. Could you imagine all those long locks botched?

But I do give the little guy props for trying to save mommy some money going to the barber. I am sure Rudy will appreciate that =)

jag said...

This is a good one! Put that story in the vault for later! Glad he's okay.