Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say Queso!

On Sunday we had a late lunch at Rubio's, which was a fundraising event for our Moms in Motion group, supporting NADA. By the looks of the number of flyers stapled to receipts, it looks like it was a successful event. Hopefully we'll hear the results soon.

Grandma Gertie came equipped to celebrate a fiesta it seems. Sometimes I wonder, what all does she have in the back of her car? While we enjoyed our Baja meal, Devin enjoyed his first quesadilla and absolutely loved it!

Since there was a break in the storm passing through, the sun came out and let us enjoy the park for a little bit. Cousins Amanda, Alex and Addison came over to join us. They all had a blast.

What do you think? Not your typical Foster Farms chicken?

Dominic... on the top of the world.

No... we don't live in a bubble!

... but it sure feels like it for this little guy!
(Pre-ear tube surgery)


Macladie said...

Got to love the $Dollar Tree store. I think the sombreros were meant for Cinco de Mayo but who cares....worked great for eating at Rubio's.

Kelli said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like they had a blast at the park! I love the picture of Devin in the sombrero!!