Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Funtastic Party

Quick! Hurry! Get there before it's all over! Devin's birthday party had to have been the shortest party we've ever had ... and I hate that! Despite being rushed to party and get the heck out of there, we had a FUNTASTIC time. Grandma made tamales, which Devin loved by the way, and we are overflowing with rice. The cake (and icing) were delicious, according to Devin's standards and surprisingly, we didn't have too much left over. I can't wait for summer to show off all of the new clothes this kid got. What a loot! We thank everyone for coming out, especially those who had to travel a long distance.

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Joan said...

It was super fun to say the least, but no wonder they are closing, I cannot believe how fast they just pushed us out of there, I was so shocked. I mean the amount of money you put into those things...

But on a good note, yes, the food and cake were amazing and I know we have a blast!

Kelli said...

It looks like he had a great birthday party!! Happy Birthday Devin!