Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now Entering....

... the Terrible Fours???

Perhaps it was the downward spiral of the sugar-high he got from his party on Sunday, but Monday was a really rough day (his actual birthday). Even with quite a few no-shows and couldn't-make-its, Donovan had a great time once again at his favorite party place, Safetyville USA. Grandma was in the middle of it all, directing traffic AND taking photos.

With a sparkle in his eyes and a 21-tooth grin!

Donovan takes Peyton for a spin (in her Jeep of course!)

Dominic takes Sydney for a spin (in her Jeep of course!)

Devin patrols the street.

Looks like it's Vinny in the lead!

FINALLY! The party nears an end and Devin's wish comes true.

Honk as you pass by!

All the while we partied, cousin Bianca played for the Championship Title in her soccer tournament for the weekend. Way to go B and Land Park's Velocity! We missed you, but saved you some cake.

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Leigh Ann said...

Yay! Looks like they all had fun. As always, I really enjoyed your pictures of your adorable boys:) Hope all is well!