Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Storybook Ending

Sadly, summer must come to an end and school begins. That also means the weekly summer playdates we've been having will become less frequent, or just less busy. The Wild Ones and the Fantastic Four have enjoyed each other's company in our visits, and Joan and I have enjoyed a much needed "sanity check", by way of a Starbuck's beverage and discussing these mommy frustrations we have. Gotta love these boys!

In a last minute (within 10 hours) decision, Joan found an awesome new park in our neck of the woods! Go figure. After a few U-turns, entering construction zones and traveling dirt paths, we made it! But not without working up a sweat. See, not just these kids love those misters at the park. Still surrounded by ongoing construction and an upopened parking lot, the playground was not very crowded and very spacious. Lots of room to chase after the little ones. Seems ironic for the playground to have a Storybook Theme on our last outing together. A sweet, little happy ending?

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