Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Cats, Big Rats, and a Hedgehog

The weather was nice and Grandma had a day off, so I packed up the boys, dropped one off at school and the rest of us enjoyed the morning at the Sacramento Zoo. Donovan was excited to see the "AM-inals" and even named a few that we were going to see before we even got there. Sadly, we have no elephants at this zoo anymore, but the giraffes are always a hit. Devin got a chance to explore a bit on his own, with the help of the monkey backpack (aka, the leash). He has yet to be leash-trained, as he didn't quite grasp his boundaries of his tail allowing to only go a certain distance. His beige shorts quickly became brown ones. While our visit was a pleasant one for the kids, and a nice break for me, I was a bit disappointed in some observations seen while there, i.e. the rodent population - not an attraction I'm sure.

Devin hopped out of the stroller for this ride... that stood still.

"Look Ma! Crocky's got an owie like me!"

Donovan hangs on to a dragonfly.

The Big Rat. Look at how well fed this critter is! He helped himself to the duck food, pulling the dish closer to his reach - just one of my "beefs" about our visit that day.

Donovan couldn't WAIT to ride the carousel. Thank goodness it wasn't seen until the end of our stay. After careful selection, he chose to ride the lion (without a seatbelt I might add = Beef #2). Grandma captured these great carousel shots, with the latter one being used on the Zoo's website slideshow at the bottom. How cool is that? Thanks Mom!

Oh yeah, the hedgehog? Grandma bought the boys (Dominic and Donovan) each a cute little hedgehog stuffed animal. They love them. Their most favorite thing to do right now is throw them up into the family room's ceiling fan. I wonder how long that will last?

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Kristie said...

Looks like the boys had fun. We haven't been to the zoo yet, and I'm thinking I haven't even updated my blog with the trip we took to fairytale town. I think I took some pictures. I need to get on the ball.

I'm looking forward to the Rib Cook Off.