Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's TREATS and a few dog TRICKS!

We had a great Friday. After dropping Dominic off at school in costume, the other boys and I joined Papa Gertie for breakfast (his TREAT). Then, I TREATED Gertie (the dog) to a trip to the dog park. See what a great auntie I am? I got the better end of the deal, didn't I? We had a blast at the dog park... I suppose Gertie did too! Devin was a bit upset that I wouldn't let him get down and muddy with the other dogs, but he did well in his stroller for the little while we were there (He did try to offer a shoe to the dogs, but I caught it before it hit the mud).

Gertie, in full stride.

A Dirty Gertie!

After dropping off Papa and "Dirty", we were off to pick up The Red Power Ranger from school. We arrived as the class was finishing up their party and were ready to be dismissed for the weekend. Let the sugar high begin!

The entire 2nd Grade, in disguise.
photo by Grandma Gertie.

Jackson, Dominic and Dillon (in case you couldn't tell).

Mrs. Davis and Dominic.

Finally, as if we already had enough fun for the day, Daddy left work early and invited us all on a trip to Apple Hill - nothing like waiting until the day before Halloween to go! We made it and enjoyed all of it. There were hardly any crowds; lots of people, but not too crazy. After visiting our favorite spots, the drive home was wonderful and I now have a nice apple/cinnamon smell in my car. Yum! (Sorry Gertie, no offense!)

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook:

And now, I rest. 9:00 soccer game is going to be a killer! Better yet... dragging two boys with me to a Moms in Motion workout is going to be grand at 6:00 in the morning!

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