Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Cousin Vinny's Birthday!

... and he couldn't have PICKED a better day!!!

Our nephew/godson turned THREE today! Seems hardly possible, yet seems like he should be 5! Our Vinny-monster has surpassed most of his cousins on the height and weight chart, but we know that will come in handy for his future Football or Wrestling career. It was an outstanding day for a birthday, as rumor has it, there will be some fall-like weather coming to our area soon. Perhaps this was the last hurrah as far as good outdoor weekend fun?

And yesterday, we took the boys to Safetyville for their Halloween Haunt. It was much too warm for Devin to wear his monkey costume, but the other two wore their Power Ranger costumes and would rather live in them all the time! The cousins, Supergirl and Sleeping Beauty, arrived before us and joined us for some games and a picture to two.
Everyone got tons of loot and will be satisfied with the pre-Halloween sugar high for awhile.

Donovan, Sydney, Peyton, Dominic

Here's Devin: not in his monkey costume,
but monkeying around at Vinny's birthday.

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