Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Munchkin Monday Emergency

Okay, okay, not really..... but the excitement was real!

Donovan and Devin love The Trampoline Place. I do too, on Mondays. I can't afford regular prices for these little ones. I love watching the kids test their balance and jumping skills on these massive, wall-to-wall trampolines. Cousin Vinny came along today to have some fun with us. But first, to let everyone know that he had arrived, he unknowingly (?) pulled the fire alarm switch on the wall. Classic! Gotta love those clever, red reachable pull tabs! As if that wasn't enough embarrassment for his dad, we all had to evacuate the building and watch the fire engine pull up and investigate the building (and turn off the alarm).

I think Vinny just wanted to see the Big Red Truck!

Like Father, like Son?

After the "all clear", we were allowed back inside and were given extra time on our wristbands for the interruption. Thanks Vinny! So, let the bouncing continue....

Vinny found an orange ball.

Vinny found a purple ball.

Vinny catches a yellow ball.

Next post: Guess where else we went on Monday? Here's a clue.....

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Joan said...

On No! I'm so afraid one of these days Luke's going to do that!

We missed the chickens! =(