Monday, November 19, 2007

Finally! The Results are in....

...we're having a BABY!

Today was the BIG ULTRASOUND day. This is where a "technician" (as if I'm a car!) will closely study parts, bones, structures, etc. of the growing fetus. For example, the length of the femur (thigh) bone determines the actual length of the baby and will help to determine the "right on track"ness of the baby (sorry, short on smart words!). They look at heart chambers, kidney function, spine structure and MORE. It's usually a 45-minute session of constant "wand"ering about my tummy, while the technician does his/her job taking measurements and pictures for the doctor to assess. There is absolutely NO conversation held between the tech and myself...until the task at hand is complete. Not required certainly, is the gender determination! If we WANT to know, they will gladly tell us and show us "the goods" or lack thereof. There are no guarantees! My neck is kinked from staring at the monitor the entire time. I watched closely as the tech labeled parts and zoomed closely at others. My first "freak out" was when there were technical difficulties and the computer had to be restarted. Wow! That was a scare, as the tech put a towel back over my stomach and put the wand back in its place. FREAK OUT!!! (Again, NO words were exchanged.) Finally, we got back on track and things underway. My mom and Rudy waited the grueling 45-minutes out in the waiting room, until they were called back to join me and BABY......

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My initial reaction to the news? NUMB
Rudy's reaction? "We're DONE. That's it!"
Mom? She was nearly out the door on her way to HomeGoods for some "must have" baby boy treasures. (Not so fast, however, as I found her circling around downtown trying to find Folsom Blvd.) I finally called her, met her at a very healthy McDonald's and rerouted her in the right direction....hopefully!
And a few minutes later? Okay, so we are a bit overflowing in the testosterone department. I'm not sure what to think. To tell Dominic he will not have a baby sister named "Maddie" will just kill him! He will have yet another sibling to fight over his Power Ranger toys with. There will be plenty of battles in our household for sure.
There will be no girls under our roof. Thankfully, we have the four-legged one! There will be no frills, no dollhouses, no ballet slippers, no patent leather mary janes, no playing dress-up, no Barbies, no princess crowns...and the list goes on!
Well, that now narrows my name selections down to 5 of the 15 I had. Yes, who would have thought we'd have to agonize another BOY name? Here we go again!
I'll post pics later, of course. What are the chances of having an April Fool's Baby? Would it be our luck? -- They have moved my EDD (estimated due date) up a few days to 4/3/08. We'll see how it goes!


Kristie said...

Congratulations another lil man to love. We're excited about having another nephew. I'm sure Donovan will be happy that he gets to be the big brother and boss the lil brother around. ~smiles~ Dominic will continue to ask if he can trade a boy for one of his girl cousins, and eventually they will be old enough to venture over for sleep overs... You will have as many girls as boys when that happens ~giggles~ Could you imagine a household like that... it's the Brady Bunch for sure.

Glad to hear that the lil one is healthy, got all his parts and we'll be hoping you don't have an april fools baby that turns out to actually be a girl. ~smiles~

LoveBugZ said...

Congrats!!! 2 more boys and you would have my dream 5 boys - unfortunatly my husband doesn't share that dream. Just think you sure create GORGEOUS little men so one more is a true blessing! I am truly excited for you- Congrats again.

Scott and Danielle said...

YAY for the boy!! I'm so excited for you! And, the chances that you'll have an April Fool's baby are probably just as likely as me - seeing as how this is my first so I'll probably go overdue quite a bit! We'll see! Maybe our little ones will share a birthday... where are you delivering? I'll try not to steal your bed when the time comes! Congrats again!

~ Danielle