Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is it time yet???

Okay, let me get this down before I lose it all...

When will baby be here?

Because I have opted for a VBAC, it is important to get the due date as close as possible. I MUST go into labor on my own. There will be no induction. We want to be sure we don't go "overdue". Things do change in an instant though, and it's all up to BABY and the temporary housing unit he currently lives in. After today's appointment, I've been given orders to start "pep talking" the bambino into which end goes up. We don't want another breech position!

According to MY (using online sources) calculation, the due date is 4/3/07.

Calculation by ultrasound with Dr. A on August 27, 2007, the due date is 4/13/07.

Calculation by ultrasound on November 19, 2007, the due date is 4/3/07.

Calculation by LMP (not normal anyway) and very unreliable by Dr. P's "wheel of dates", the due date is 4/16/07.

Recalculation of 8/27's appointment measurements by Dr. P, the due date is now 4/8/07.

Knowing that it can take up to two days for "sperm to meet egg", that calculation's due date is 4/10/07.

Are you getting it? Rudy can be very "analytical" about things, being a Civil Engineer, and has this fascination with numbers. But he doesn't know about these numbers! In fact, I'm sure he'd be impressed in my anal ways I have kept track of things during the months of June and July! I'll spare the details!

Heck! When will the baby get here?

Some lady in the waiting room today asks when I was due...I just answered, "April". Her response was "Oh gawd, you gotta long way to go!" Gee, I didn't think so!

One day a couple weeks ago when Dominic, Donovan and Rudy had a holiday, I got home from work and Dominic says, "Mommy, did the new baby come out of your tummy yet?". Oh gosh! Isn't a bit early to be asking? Poor thing. He's not the only one anxious I guess.

So, we KNOW we're having a boy. What we don't know is when HE will get here. Want to take a guess? Play along! (...but you have to guess time of birth, length and weight too!)

Here are those long awaited "pictures" of the little squirt from last week's BIG ULTRASOUND:

Here he is!

Need help here? Baby's head at right is looking at you;
the furthest camel-like hump from the word "BOY"
is the determining gender factor; and can we assume
(like in the above photo) that that is his hand nearby?

He is pretty cute! (verified by Grandma Gertie). And today, Dr. P couldn't get over his cute nose!! What? How can she tell? MUST take after MY nose if I do say so myself! What'dya think?


Kristie said...

I think... well I put my guess down.. and on the nose... it could have your nose... 50 50 chance ~lmao~ Great pics.

I've been waiting for some new posts... Where you at?

Harajuku Girl said...

You know.. it almost looks like he is pointing out to you what he is .. as he is looking at you at the same time. That is hilarious.. like sorry Mom, yep, I'm another boy lol. You got some good shots