Monday, November 5, 2007

What did I just say?

**WARNING: Therapy blog post ahead!**

There's been this "running joke", I suppose, between myself and a certain Architect that frequently calls our office. He's a fun, humorous, very nice guy (in his sixties). We deal a lot with his firm and currently have 2 projects underway with him. He often calls the office and will ask to speak to either of the two Project Managers handling the projects. I know a lot of people's voices over the phone without asking who they are...I've also been known to recognize those thick-accented salesmen who try to weasel their way to The Boss. Can't get past me!

The running joke? I'm not sure how it started, but after my maternity leaves in 2002 and 2005, I was often questioned (by this Architect) upon my return, "You're not pregnant, are you?". As if I were pregnant all the time? Perhaps, during the rare moments he stops by the office to see me in person, I was full-blown pregnant? I think he saw me more "out in the field" during my 2002 pregnancy, as that's where my position with the company was at the time.

Funny how he suddenly stops asking me this question and I've now gone 17 weeks without him bringing it up. I remember thinking way back then, "What do I say now?" My typical, "Uh, no!" answer would be a LIE if he ever asked me. I even told The Boss about the "running joke" between the Architect and I. Now I wish I remember what smart remark he told me to tell in return. I sort of forgot about "the joke" and figured my typical answer was boring him.

Fellow bloggers, after 17+ weeks into this pregnancy, I got hit with "the question" this afternoon. My response? ...was "Um, no!" I almost completely fell out of my chair. I LIED! Did you hear that? I LIED!!!! (gasp) I couldn't tell him...I'm not sure why, but knowing that the rest of my office doesn't know my "baby bump secret", I didn't want to say anything there for anyone to overhear. Did he know? I was searching on the computer to retrieve some information he was requesting, when his "question" really threw me for the loop and I scrambled to find the words to say. I said "Um, no!" ....Did I just lie?

After hanging up the phone, I immediately went to Terra's office (who does know) and told her my sins. She gasped too! We both sort of chuckled about the conversation that took place. And now we're both wondering, "does he know?" The only possible way of him finding out is through The Boss, and the only time they've been in contact with each other is during the flight over to Reno for the jobsite meetings (of which Terra was also aboard plane). Why would I be a topic up in the air? While it is possible, I think it most likely isn't. My boss has not told anyone, and it's just a coincidence that our old "running joke" came back alive during the few seconds I was given to look up something on the computer.

Yep, the verdict is in:

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I LIED!!!! Now how do I get out of this mess?

Therapy session done. I feel much better now. I hope I don't lose sleep over this!


Harajuku Girl said...

LOL whoa! Well, hmmm... I cannot even think of a way out of this one.

Linda said...

Insensitive little person. Is he bald? If so ask him where his hair went...he won't like that!

LoveBugZ said...

Ohh!! Well I guess wait until the next time he asks then fess up. I have no idea. You threw me for a loop on this one! LOL --->We have all been there though.

Kristie said...

Well it's a white lie.. and those are okay... right? you can always go with .... you were surprised when he asked you and you just said no.... or, next time he asks... ask if he's got ESPN ~wink wink~ ESP I know.... it's a cute remark....

missed you yesterday.... got to see your gimp though

did you hear about SIL?

Kristie said...

hey my disneyworld ticker has 13 months 1 week.... yours has more days... of course i put mine up when we first started talking about it... we didn't have an exact date yet.. ~lmao~ maybe i need to update my ticker