Thursday, November 22, 2007

Run to Feed the Hungry

I've done this "walk" for the past few years now, and believe that Kristie and I have made it an annual tradition to drag the kids out on a crisp, cold morning into a crowd full of hungry people. Okay so we do this FOR the hungry..meaning this morning's race and walk will benefit the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. A great way to start the holiday season by contributing to an organization that helps others in need. It also helps us by thinking we've earned that slice of pumpkin pie after our meals later in the day.

Last year Kristie and I had this wild-brained idea that IF we could RUN the 5K, we'd certainly get to be in the fast lane and avoid all the slow, meandering walkers. Imagine running with kids in tow! It was a great idea, and well, this bod is not in any condition to attempt such feat. But, what is wonderful, is that my 11-year old niece was excited to partake in her first 5K alongside her Uncle Mike (who after many donuts being in law enforcement, should be in shape!) Mistakenly, the 5K turned into the 10K with a wrong-way turn by both participants. And they still beat us to the finish line! Way to go Bianca!! She's now left us in the dust.

I brought the wagon this year instead of the stroller with a little bit of fear the kids would hop out. They didn't! The entire 5K was seated in the wagon, cozy under the blankets and content with Power Rangers and stuffed animals.

Number 7623 is ready!

The turkey hat was cute while it lasted!

The 10K-ers, BEFORE the race.
(Bianca was just as smiley afterward;
Michael was "whooped")

3 out of 4 participants had a great time!
(Amy, Peyton, Sydney and Kristie)

Just passed the 1 mile marker, 2 to go.

Even Elvis showed up on this big day!

This must have been the sign that Bianca and Michael misread!
(...and on they went with the 10K!)

It took us nearly 15 minutes just to pass this sign!
(I want my time adjusted!!)

Someone's getting sleepy...

Supermom: (n) Being able to multitask effectively
while in total control of multiple kids.
(Kristie with Sydney; Dominic and Peyton in the wagon;
Donovan helping with a push from behind).

Sydney finally decides to lend a hand...just one!


Kristie said...

Great pics Tia Andria.... Love how you got the pic of the 5K wrong way..... how great is that... I loved how Donovan pushed the wagon, it was great.... Dominic is lucky to have a lil brother like that... I'm sure he'll be having Donovan push him around on all the ride along toys, or just in the wagon around the backyard... Peyton will be more like Dominic, wanting someone to push her around too... She may borrow Donovan for the task.

Way to go Bianca.... You ROCK and you beat Uncle Michael by .8 of a second....

LoveBugZ said...

How fun and what a great way to 'celebrate'!!! I wish I had the drive to do a run - heck I wish I was Bianca's age again somedays!

Scott and Danielle said...

Hey way to go on the 5K! Glad to know I wasn't the only one out there walking for two! =) I was SO sore later that night, though. It's amazing what an extra 18 pounds will do to ya! I usually walk at the gym but apparently this was farther, longer and all around tougher (Especially when you include the distance to and from the car!)

And, I asked for it on Friday when I got up early and did the whole shopping thing. I was sore yet again Friday night. Good thing I had Saturday and Sunday left to recover. My body needed it!

Love your pics! (I left my camera at home... bummer)

~ Danielle