Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Trip: Day Four - Let's Go Shopping!

Call me crazy... I hate shopping! Perhaps it's because I don't know how to shop. Shopping for groceries is a necessity, of course. I give kudos to those who can shop for a week (or month!) in just one trip to the grocery store. With kids in tow, I lose my patience and usually rush out forgetting things we really need at home.

Shopping at Costco can be fun for me, but not for my bank account. I tend to cruise every aisle for items that catch my eye and may need a home in my cupboards (or garage, or laundry room). Can anyone shop there for less than $100 a trip?

Shopping for myself is impossible. I'm not too picky I don't think, or am I? I can't seem to purchase items for myself (clothing) yet I'm always in the Boys' Section of every Target I go to. I just have to see what's on sale or new for my boys.

I feel rushed and often am succumbed to a guilty feeling spending money on items for myself that tend to shrink in the wash and never get the chance to be worn again. My closet has clothes that are 2-3 years old. Is that bad? Sure, styles change, but I've never been "in style" anyway, and why start now? Give me a giftcard and it'll take me months to find something to use it on. The hassle of arranging for a kidless trip to a department store alone is daunting. Then, when I'm out and about without kids, I feel the need to hurry back to them, like a mother hen. Oh, then there's fitting rooms.... let's not go there.

So, if you're looking to "shop" in Sacramento as a tourist, I'd suggest Arden Fair Mall, the Folsom Outlets and Old Sacramento for souvenirs. Our downtown Westfield Mall is an outdoor 2-story mall that's struggling a bit to keep people shopping there. It does have a theater and some nice restaurants, including the Hard Rock Cafe.

Happy Shopping!


Joan said...

This entire blog sounds like me..

And these day i cannot get out of costco for under 200 every 2 weeks. Crazy right? I am sure this is because we are adding formula to the bill as well as but wipes and a box of diapers, which, those 3 items alone are 65.00. I

Charlene said...

I tend to steer towards the kids sections too.

I have never been to a Hard Rock Cafe', one of these days I'm going to have to make it to one, just to see what its like.

Brandy said...

Lol I'm the same way, no matter what store were in I will ALWAYS find a way to find something for Owen and usually nothing for myself lol.

These outdoor malls sound so neat! We don't have them around here, I think that would definitely be a place for me to stop on this "trip" lol.

Gin E said...

lol! is there a mom who can resist the calling of the kids section? I also always end up buys things for my baby and nothing for me...even in catalogs.

TxGambit said...

You totally sound like me! I rarely buy stuff for myself and when I do, I shrink it. Stain it or whatever.