Sunday, September 21, 2008

Same Ol' Weekend

It seems our weekends are typical for this time of year with soccer and birthdays. I didn't attend any soccer games this time, but I'm sure it was much like weeks before. I like to go and smell fresh cut grass on these days, but don't enjoy the smell of my boys after the game for the ride home. I suppose being a Soccer Mom has its ups and downs.

We had two overlapping birthday parties to attend. For the last day of summer, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Simply beautiful. Dominic and I attended a classmate's birthday, while the other boys got dirty with their cousins at Bianca's backyard barbeque. Dominic and I spent 3 hours too long at his classmate's birthday - it was slow moving. I couldn't wait to get to the rest of the gang at Bianca's shindig. We arrived in time for presents! I inhaled some grub, a huge slice of chocolate cake (heaven!) and managed to get some pictures of the kids in motion. Sugar these kids up, baby!

The only vehicle Bianca will be driving for some time.

Devin gets some 4x4 time.

Up on the rooftop...

Big (Little) Brother is watching!

Dominic has thin hair; Donovan has thick hair;
and Devin, we can't figure out.
It has some curl to it, so it will be interesting. And Rudy wants to know where his big eyes come from??


Kristie said...

Hey Great pictures.... I guess you are lovin the new camera... and it always helps to have willing subjects...

Kristie said...

Hey do you always size your pictures? or do you put them on raw?

LoveBugZ said...

What a very beautiful birthday girl! You have a gorgeous family all around don't you? You know what is even better than that? You all seem so real, so nice and your caring manners shine through in your blog -- pictures and words!