Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blog Trip: Day Two - Got Gas?

Because it's not feasible to taxi around with 3 kids by foot or bicycle (or bus for that matter), I have come to depend on "Mini Pearl". She gets me everywhere. And by the time I arrive to work in the morning, I've already been EVERYWHERE: 2 kids off at daycare, one off to school and back on the freeway for a near 30-minute commute to work.
Last Thursday, when I filled up, I got gas at $3.65 a gallon at Safeway (includes the 10 cent discount per gallon). During our weekend trip to Reno, NV, I was seeing prices running around this area as well. So, it seems that prices are going down from the $4.19 or so high we saw not too long ago.

Nevada prices.

Check out the best deals in your area. We use GasBuddy.com to see if there's somewhere along our routes that we might need to stop to get gas at.
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Linda S said...

isn't gas/buddy and oxymoron? We have a discount program with out grocery store but my kids always grab the card for the discount...such is life!

rmgales said...

Wow, a $1.65 per gallon. I haven't seen gas that low in a long time. It's $3.59 for regular and $3.79 per gallon for premium in my area. If you're heading my way, fill up before you get here, lol.

Parker Family said...

That seems to be about average from what I've seen around today. We are still closer to the $4/gallon mark though. Yuck! sweetnsassygirls.blogspot.com

TxGambit said...

I have never used Gasbuddy. But I do try to shop around a bit.

momie milette said...

i definitely agree that commuting is hard if you have three kids in tow.

thanks for stopping by for my blog for blog trip day 1, here's my share for day 2, hope you can drop by. thanks.