Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chasing Veggies

If you don't eat them, run with them! And if you do eat them, then good for you! The boys were pooped from yesterday's Apple Hill adventure. So pooped that Dominic was the last to get up this morning (even with his alarm ringing!). Daddy got up to go to work (on a Sunday?) for a few hours.

The boys and I geared up to run with veggies at the Veggie Chase 5k and Kids Runs. This was the first time doing this event for us and it was fun. Hopefully next year I won't be by myself and I can run too, instead of escorting my own little pea pod around. Apparently, this event is becoming more popular and each year is a learning experience for them. The turnout was awesome. Lots of kids and their families. I registered Dominic and Donovan, so they each got a T-shirt out of the deal. They ran out of race numbers when we got there, so they went without. We skipped the 5k and headed right to the events that I signed the boys up for. They each got to run in their age group. We all ran with Donovan, and then Dominic got to go by himself. The look of fear took over Dominic once he reached the finish line and saw a sea of people that didn't look familiar.
The events were great for the kids. The veggies were hilarious running around in their gear. The kids were so enthusiastic to run pass them, bettering their chances to getting a medal in the end. All participants in the 5k got a medal. The group races got ribbons, however, they ran out right after the Diaper Dash set of kids finished. The kids enjoyed freebies from Jamba Juice and others, and spent even more energy in the bounce houses. It was a lot of fun, but would be more fun if I had that "parent-switch" option like they have at Disneyland, because there were times when I would have liked to have gone out with the kids to chase veggies, instead of pushing a stroller around. Next year maybe!


Tubre Quads said...

Cute, cute, cute! You guys are adorable!


LoveBugZ said...

I 2nd the adorable. Thank you Andria for your continued support in my life!