Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stopping to breathe...

These days seem to blend together lately. Our last weekend was busy with soccer and Apple Hill one day and the Veggie Chase and Kyle Remembrance the next. We ended Sunday with a trip to the store, in which Donovan and I went inside to grocery shop while the others waited in the car. After loading up 3 bags of groceries, Rudy starts the car, only to hear "click.click.click." - dead battery! I thought for sure we'd have to sit there in the parking lot waiting for help, while eating the ice cream we purchased before it melted. But darned if the kind gentleman in the stall next to us ready to leave asked if we needed a jump. Wow! Really? Kind people really DO exist! (Not that I didn't doubt that, but it seems more and more people are rushed these days to be able to take time out for a stranger.) Perhaps it was the "minivan family" look that we possessed which tugged at their kind soul? So, with a jump start later from a kind man from New Hampshire (!), we we're well on our way....HOME. Swell, there's ANOTHER sit-down family dinner plan destroyed. Dominic and Dad worked on the car, went to get a new battery, installed it in the dark, whilst the rest of us got bathed and ready for bed. Did somebody feed the dogs?

Anyhoo... We went to the annual Sharing Parents Memorial during that afternoon. It was beautiful, as always. They ALWAYS play the most tearful songs. Meaningful, but tearful. And to hear poems and messages from those who suffer such painful losses is heartbreaking. Sharing Parents is a wonderful organization that has been formed from a group of people sharing a common thread. We think of Baby Kyle often and evermore so during the month of October. Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Joan said...

Boy is that so true about what you said about people in a hurry and not wanting to help. I am glad someone was kind enough to lend a hand.

I cannot believe it is Oct again, It seems like you guys were there for last years remembrance. It is so wonderful they do that so parents can still celebrate the life of their little one.