Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pajama Day should be everyday!

Dominic LOVES to wear his pajamas. He can't wait to get into them and would wear them all day if possible. He'd wear his flannel foot-jammies in the summertime if I'd let him! So today, he wasted no time getting dressed this morning....into his pajamas! I'm sure he'd love for it to be Pajama Day everyday.

So after everyone is buckled in the car this morning, Donovan observes and says, "Mom, Dominic don't have his clothes on". Great point! Boy was he confused.


Joan said...

lol Donovan is a hoot! How cute...I am sure Andrew would have thought that was a good idea. No pajama day for us

Charity Donovan said...

"PJ Day" would have a lot more fun. Aidan had "hat day" for Red Ribbon Week & the kid hates hats. PJ's would have been awesome & so much cuter!!! I just notice that you guys are going to Disney...I'm so jealous! You will have a blast!!!

LoveBugZ said...

Too cute! We were hoping for Pajama day and never got one :( Matthew too loves his pajama's. Marissa only likes her "pretty Ariel" one.

Kristie said...

Why is Donovan a hoot? was he dressed in his PJ's too? Did I totally miss something? ~goes back to look~

I'm with Dominic, can we all have Pajama Day? Just once a month at work... would be nice to roll outta bed, and just go ~lmao~

Bianca keeps asking when she gets to go out and train the soccer team.