Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 3 - Part Deaux

Needless to say, we all woke up a bit later than that 7:30 am we had focused on. So instead, the day was started with Papa and Rudy out to find the nearest pharmacy to get Devin's antibiotics (as the dose given at the hospital would soon wear off). That took longer than expected, but gave us back at the room, some time to prepare for the day ahead (again!).

Instead of spending the now-not-so-full day at Epcot, we figured we'd push this off so that an entire day could be devoted to it. Our plan for today, was to go back and finish where we left off at Animal Kingdom and end the day at Downtown Disney. I'm a genius! Off we go!

I understand this is Florida, but you think they could
squeeze one more gator in there?

Our transportation for the Kilimanjaro Safari: A great adventure.
Unfortunately, on our excursion, we weren't so lucky to see any giraffes or zebras.

We saw quite a few elephants though.

We were now satisfied with having seen such wild animals out in their own habitat. Next we climbed aboard the Wildlife Express Train to take us to Rafiki's Planet Watch. This was a cute little area to learn about research programs, care of different creatures and their habitats, etc. At the Affection Section, the kids got to pet and brush some domestic animals, mainly goats. They (the goats) loved it!

Somebody was smart - "Let the kids do their grooming!"
Brilliant idea!

Our stay at Animal Kingdom, once again, ended in darkness, when the park closes. Another full day was had. With determination and the thought of Christmas Day only two days away, we took a stroll at Downtown Disney and made some purchases at the huge World of Disney Store. Seriously, why don't they have maps for these stores? You could get lost in there!

We stumbled upon a Harley Davidson store.
I'm sure Bianca knows better than to put one of these on her list!

Back at the hotel, we discovered we somehow ended up with the
3-D Bug glasses from the
It's Tough to be a Bug show that we saw.
Donovan is sporting them here in this picture.

Coming up next... Epcot! Really!

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