Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 6 - Small World? ....again?

This post is from the day after Christmas. I will return to my somewhat normal blog writing after day 7...or 8! ;) I'm almost there!

We knew the drill this time - DON'T TAKE THE FERRY! After parking, we took the monorail system over to the Magic Kingdom. It was a better ride.

After our tourist-must-have photo moment at the main entrance, we proceeded down Main Street, this time expecting the grandmas to venture off into a shop. We found the hat shop, which bled into the candy shop. Mom bought me a tea kettle (Alice in Wonderland theme) for my collection and Grandma Carmen got one too! Love it! Of course, Dominic discovered the chocolate and had to have some of that. Further down Main Street, we spotted a barbershop quartet on our way to Tomorrowland. Ahh, it seems like yesterday that we were there. Wish I were there now!

After receiving FastPasses for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, we spent some time viewing the Carousel of Progress - ooh scary. Donovan WAS NOT going to sit in a theater to view an animated Walt Disney tell his story. The kid was not going to have it, so Rudy attempted to contain him closer toward the exit, in case he really got out of control. He eventually calmed down. At the exit, we met up with Buzz Lightyear himself. The kids got his "stamp of approval" since his huge jointless fingers wouldn't allow for an autograph. Off we go to ride the Space Ranger Spin, with everyone all aboard for some swift competition in defeating Emperor Zurg. I must say, I did pretty well for having Devin in my lap. ahem.

Next up, we rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (also formerly known as the People Mover here at Disneyland in California). Dominic and Donovan loved it and wanted to go again. They did. The grandmas went for the 2nd trip, and Bianca too. Feeling a need for speed and some self control, Rudy, Grandma Carmen, Bianca, Donovan and Dominic tested their driving skills at the Speedway. I love the barrier they put down the middle of your path - no changing lanes here! After the whiplashes, ice cream seemed to cure everything. The Mickey bars are the yummiest!

By this time (although I'm losing memory of details at this point) it was nearing our FastPass boarding for The Jungle Cruise. See how much walking we do? From Tomorrowland to Adventureland we go! I was disappointed we had to take this ride in the dark... although it was pretty adventurous and the tour guides are a lot funnier in the evening, they say! After our cruise, we figured we'd go see what the wait time for Pirates of the Caribbean was. 10 minutes!!! Normally, it'd be 120 minutes to wait in line, but everyone must have been out watching parades at this point because the crowd thinned out in this area. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me!

Fearing the time would slip from us as usual, we wanted to be sure to visit Mickey's Toontown Fair. It's a bit different here than the one in California. Rudy and Dominic rode The Barnstormer, Donovan took a snooze in the stroller and some of us went shopping after touring Minnie's house. Bianca went a bit crazy in the hat department....

Donovan awoke from his nap while enroute to see the wait time for Peter Pan's Flight. It was always too long. Why is this attraction so popular? Each time we got a FastPass to it, the return time was 12:15 IN THE MORNING!!!! That wasn't going to happen, so with Donovan's request, we rode It's a Small World again. The fireworks kept the crowds away and we enjoyed singing through the ride, once again.

Our night concluded with a spin in the teacups on the Mad Tea Party ride, a stroll back down Main Street, a shopping excursion of course, and even a little snow flurry was witnessed here in Orlando at the Happiest Place on Earth! A magical ending to our long day.

I took this picture in case we forgot where we parked,
or if we were too sleepy to remember.


Kelli said...

Looks like you had a great time at Magic Kingdom again! My boys are looking forward Great idea taking a picture of where you parks....I am going to have to remember that!!

Charity Donovan said...

Yay! Looks like so much fun!!! Taking a picture of where you parked...GENIUS!

The NV Mingays said...

You guys packed so much in! And why do the moms have to hold the babies for the Toy Story ride? I did too and I'm sure that affected my score by at least 1000 points!

I really love the church at SJV. That's quite the history you have at the church/school. It seemed like a real community at least from our observations. Your pastor is what makes it though - he's great! I was an St. Ignatius Tiger myself but we spent plenty of time in your gym. :)

Joan said...

It's hilarious how much you get distracted by the actual shopping itself. I ab starting to wonder if people spend an equal amount of time shopping as they do riding.

The McNulty Family said...

GREAT pics!! What a FUN trip!!! SOO FUN!

Thanks for the sweet comment mama! I'm just NOW getting the hang of the follow buttons.. pretty cool!

DYING to get outside! I'm hoping this weekend.

I hope your enjoying the great weather too.