Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 5 - A TIGGER-ific Christmas Day! (Part One)

I'm not sure how many "parts" this day will be, but it seems my blog posts are spreading further apart and I'm never reaching the end of our fun-filled week! I miss my regular chaotic weekend posts and can't wait to get back to them. With determination, I will get through these WDW posts and my happy blog readers can thank me later.

On Christmas Day, the kids awoke (barely!) to stockings filled by Santa. The jolly self had also left a letter for the kids stating that he'd be visiting our home in California later that night and that he just left a few things in their stockings for now. Thank goodness - as I don't know how we could have crammed anymore into our suitcases!

We had 9:15 AM reservations at The Crystal Palace for breakfast. Onward we go, running a little behind. We boarded the ferry (<--- great experience, bad choice!) to take us across to Magic Kingdom. That the was longest Disney ride ever! Now, already late for our reservations, we scurried through bag check, the ticket station and forced our way down Main Street (keeping the Grandmas from wandering off into any stores) in search of our destination. Yep, we're late. They got us in as soon as possible, although breakfast would soon be over by the time we got seated. We got the tail end of breakfast, and a few other "tails" too!

The entire Character Breakfast experience was fantastic! Or, as Tigger would say, "fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!" The kids enjoyed their Mickey waffles while the rest of us just enjoyed being seated! Gosh! Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore made their rounds a few times while we were there. They even did a little conga-line/parade routine that Grandma Carmen joined in the tail end of. I missed it standing in line for an omelet. For being Christmas Day, I was quite surprised at how great the service was. It was nice being away from the crowds for a change. There were even a few vacant tables while we were there making it spacious and a bit more comfortable. With our tummies full, we were ready to begin the day at the Happiest Place on Earth!

You knew this post would end here, right?

More to come!


Gertie said...

Very cute indeed!

Amber S. said...

Wow - I am just getting to reading about all of your trip. I sounds fun - tiring, but FUN nonetheless! I completely have the image of us corralling our three guys for the same trip in a few years... :-)

Just wanted to say that the picture of Devin looking up at Piglet, most likely thinking "Whhatt the heck are YOU?!" is awesome!