Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's my weekend, so I'll post if I want to!

Happy Mother's Day to all those special moms in my life! We had a great weekend celebrating the great weather and wonderful moms we are surrounded by.

My Saturday started with a 2.5 mile run with my fellow moms of our Moms In Motion team. And somehow I squeezed in a haircut, a much-needed brow wax and manicure. Good grief, it had been quite some time since I did something for myself like that! I met up with the rest of the gang over at the in-laws for some backyard relaxing while the kids played. We missed Bianca and Tia Kristie!

Grandma's munchkins (minus Bianca)

These kids crack me up.
Do you see how much fun they have together?

They are inseparable cousins!

After church on Sunday, we continued to celebrate moms on my side of the family. The kids played with their cousins, we had a yummy dinner and even a little photo-op with my boys. I must say, the weekend was just too short.

Devin and I with my new do and dorky grin!

Me and my boys (and Jedi Alex in the back)

There's just no words for this picture...
We could play a game... How many things can you find wrong with this picture?


Macladie said...

Weird, look at Matthew and Donovan...they look quite a bit alike but I think Donovan may pass him up in height at some point.

Leigh Ann said...

I love the pictures!! I hope you enjoyed your day...very pretty nails by the way;)