Monday, May 25, 2009

That ain't no garden hose!

I believe it was Saturday afternoon when a discovery was made outside in the front yard. Rudy had been weedwacking and edging the lawn, while manicuring the neighbor's lawn as well. Donovan was out with him making sure Daddy was doing his job correctly. Donovan was raking (fluffing?) the already mowed lawn bringing out more clippings to be swept up later.

Rudy: (turning off all power tools, and rushing to the front door) Dominic, come here quick!
What, what is it?

Dude, get'yer shoes on and get out here.

(the curiosity was getting the best of me)

Andria, come out here!

Me: (oh jeez, what's dead?) Do I need my camera?

Yes, I think so.

I scramble to find my memory card for the camera, load it up, and race out to find Rudy pestering something in the lawn with the rake.

It was here! I should not have stopped. Perhaps I injured it?

What, what is it?

A snake. Stand back!

Me: (well for cryin' out loud) You call us all out here and you won't let us see it?
It was gone.

Dominic and I head back in the house. Rudy starts the yard equipment again. And suddenly it stops. "There it is, see it? Maybe I killed it?".
So, here's my shot. I wasn't going to get any closer as I think this little friendly guy was probably already pissed off. Here he lies, under our side driveway... and yes, still alive.


Moni Graf said...

Yikes! That's not a creature I'd want to run into unprepared! Hope the trauma created by his appearance is enough to keep that snake slithering to greener pastures!

The boys are looking so grown up and healthy. And I love your blog design. Too cute!

Love from KS,

Joan said...

Oh dear! Well, it doesn't look like a rattler. Unfortunately, the snake that was found out in our backyard did not survive. I guess I should put a sign out front to not "strike" home owners or you'll get your tail chopped off with a shovel. I hope after reading online that Gartner snakes don't actually bite, he'll spare the next one.. Glad you fella didn't get caught in the mower.. that would of been yuck!

Charity Donovan said...

Eeeeeewwwww! My skin just crawled! I am so paranoid because the copperheads are being born now & I barely let Aidan out of my sight!!! NOW I have good reason!!!! lol!!!