Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woof, she did it again!

We've had some gorgeous, comfortable weather here for the past week. It even topped in the 100s last weekend! It's been so nice being able to open the windows in the evening, letting the breeze flow in. The kids and I have even been able to fit a walk/stroll/run in before the sun sets. I love it!

Fred and Roxy are enjoying these cool nights as well. Fred much moreso, laying on the cool, damp lawn for sometimes the entire night. Roxy is still trying to stay warm in the dog house as much as she can.... or so I thought!

The suspect....

The crime....

I must say, this was the oldest surviving dog bed... reaching a good 5 months! Apparently Roxy has had enough and felt it was time to unbury her rap sheet to add "Dogbed #3" to her list. So upon my discovery of this mess when I returned home from work, I started to ponder the reasoning for it all. Dumb I know... we're talking about Roxy here. Here's what I've come up with so far:
  1. Bouncy balls, squeaky toys, drain hole covers, sprinkler heads and dirt holes just aren't attractive anymore.
  2. Feeling sorry for Fred in his old age, she felt the bed was better for him OUT of the doghouse, since that's where he sleeps.
  3. Feeling rather warm herself, she decided the dog bed had to go and that would allow a cooler doghouse for the summer.
  4. Perhaps she didn't care for the cedar bark odor it had?
Way to go Roxy! Little does she know, she has just ruined her padded comfort for her house and will now have to accept those cracked and calloused elbows and ankles she'll soon be sporting. Dumb Roxy, dumb.


Joan said...

lol almost as bad as the Feather bed Fan and Opie had destroyed, much easier to clean... i hope!

Charity Donovan said...