Monday, May 25, 2009

Boys and their toys..

Donovan has become quite the expert in outdoor yard tools lately. He can't wait to get his hands on the pooper scooper, the rake, a broom or any of the manly power tools that he patiently waits for his Dad to rev up. He often mimicks mowing the lawn with his push toys that he's easily overgrown but finds a use for. Devin usually has to fight for his walking toys, since Donovan has claimed them for a different purpose.

Every day, at about 90-degrees or so, Donovan begs his Dad to "mow the lawn", "use the edger" or "use the weed-eater", and sometimes the leafblower. He is quite persistent and is disappointed when the lawn doesn't get mowed EVERY day.

Donovan has his own "weedeater", given to Dominic originally by Uncle Ben a few birthdays ago. With goggles he makes the whole "gardener" look complete. Don't you think?

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Joan said...

LOL Hey can't complain about that! I wish Andrew willingly wanted to help with thing, as I am sure Steven feels the same too. =)

P.S I think it's so funny! I cannot tell how many people I know or have seen that have those same shorts! Including Luke! lol