Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To cram it all up...

Soccer Seeding games, a birthday, an anniversary and cute kids sum up our weekend and then some.

Surprise! Just 3 practices into the season and Dominic's team played in a seeding tournament last Saturday. Donovan dressed the part, but doesn't have a team to play on this year. He still enjoys practicing with his brother (or, the team, I should say). Papa came along with Gertie on this 100+ day and found a nice, shady spot to see the games.

All geared up to play goalie.

Running towards Papa's jellybeans.


Donovan took Gertie under control.


Later that afternoon, we went over to celebrate my baby brother's 30th Birthday. After purchasing an end-of-season kiddie pool, the kids had a blast in the frigid, cold, hose-water.


Mom's Starbucks VS. Dad's Smirnoff. Hmmm?

Dominic prepares for the COLD.

Alex is a pro at this!

The Golden Girl... and Boy.

And today marks the 42nd Anniversary of my Mom and Dad. Happy Anniversary to the greatest and grandest parents! We love you!

And... we're off! To Reno or Bust!!! ....

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