Monday, September 28, 2009

Down by the Station...

In these times, you gotta love FREE offers! So we took advantage of the Smithsonian's Free Museum Day (on Saturday) and visited our own California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. This is a must-see for little and BIG boys! And I'm sure there's some excitement for girls there too!

Since we were in Old Sacramento, we couldn't pass up the Candy Store. Well, if we did, we'd be $17 richer! The boys each got a basket of their own to choose from the many barrels of Salt Water Taffy. With instructions of grabbing only 2-3 of each flavor, Donovan grabbed HANDFULS of the stuff, not able to read the flavors he was selecting! The ride home was quiet while they had their mouths full of the sticky, chewy goodness. Surprisingly, an early bedtime was had too!
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Macladie said...

Lovin' the boys! Cute of Donovan at the window!