Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Saturday

Well, we "kicked" off our season with a loss, but at least I'm seeing a bit of improvement from last season in Dominic. Perhaps it was the shoes? Dominic's cleats were left at home, so he just wore his regular tennis shoes. Thankfully no one complained (except Coach/Dad). It was a crazy day for a game - a sprinkle here and there, after yesterday's high of 103, you can say it was a bit unexpected. The Six Pack came out to watch our game and kept Donovan and Devin company with tea parties and bunny crackers. Papa and Gertie came out too! I went back to the car to retrieve my camera and got a couple shots of Dominic in action in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

If this isn't "holding", then it's a great Karate Kid stance!

Tea and crackers for two!

I think the tall grass kept him from falling!

After the game, we headed to the Abuelos' driveway to watch the Thunderbirds in the California Capitol Airshow (post to come, hopefully!) We're all exhausted after having cheese and chocolate!...

A Nacho Muchacho.

Why are chocolate "pock-sickles" so messy?

Dominic would rather siesta than watch the airshow.

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