Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tuscany Whine and Cousin Time!

Another playdate with Luke; another HOT day for the beginning of FALL! Here we are at the end of September, yet it feels like the middle of July! Seems sort of silly for our church to have their "Harvest Festival" tomorrow with weather like this.

So we met with the partial Fantastic 4 crew at a new (well new to us) park. It was Tuscany Park, hence my title. And we had a little "whine" with it. Get it? Tuscany is a wine, right? The highlight of the play time was watching the double-sided lawnmower cut the grass. The lowlights were the snacks scattered below our feet; a non-reachable drinking fountain; and just some hot attitudes... Nah, not mine!.... just the kids being "turds", as I say.

Devin's Harley


A firetruck built for two!

My monkey

Again, the monkey!

Friday, Donovan and Devin got asked to go with his cousins to the park for a playdate. It seemed only fitting, since the girls and my boys have gone a week without seeing each other and were going stir crazy - under separate roofs! It was another hot day, so we went to a spraypark. It's not much water, but enough of a mist to cool you down. The highlight of the park is the Pirate Ship and the tire swing.

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