Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby, You're a Star!

After surfing my favorites spots on the internet, I came across this contest ( and thought to enter my "baby" just before he turns two. He'll still be my baby, right? He's got a LOT of competition out there, so pass him around. He sure could use some of that prize money for his education endeavors! Voting starts in July and you can vote everyday. So, bookmark me, and cast your vote. He is photo #1040 for the month of June. His Picture ID # is 13634. And special kudos to "Grandma Gertie" for her awesome photo-taking ability! This is the submitted photo:

Enjoying a summer day in 2006

Edited: You can bookmark the link to save it for another day. Voting does not begin until JULY. So every day in July, you can vote!...and remind other people to vote!


desanibel said...

Hey I tried to submit pictures for that before and it wouldn't work.. how funny.

hey i went to vote for him and it says voting is closed... what is up with that???????


LoveBugZ said...

I got the same message - Voting is closed --- I was just coming here to tell you!!