Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Corn Season!

The corn is in! The corn is in! This time every year marks the beginning of corn season, as it just isn't summer until we've made the trip to Davis Ranch for their Famous Sweet Corn. Guess what we had for dinner tonight?

Okay, do you eat your corn on the cob? Let me tell you, I've married into some of the strangest corn-eaters. Way back when... Rudy was invited over to my house as mom cooked dinner. Sure, we had corn on the cob! But, funny thing, as we all were ready to "dig in", Rudy whispered, "Mayonnaise...I need mayonnaise." What the heck for? The corn? You want mayonnaise for your corn? Who eats corn on the cob with mayonnaise???? Eww, gross!

So that was the first indication of "wierdness" with the Avila Family. Oh well, I can live with it. I have this far, right? How about lime, salt and cayenne pepper on your corn? Apparently, Donovan's "in training" to develop that "wierdness".

Corn on the Cob Eating 101:
Step one: Quality Assurance
(limes were purchased at Davis Ranch too!)

The face of approval

Step two: Carefully squeeze lime over entire cob

Step three: Enjoy!

Step four: Burp. It's a sign of satisfaction.

Step five: Repeat!

Sidenote: Rudy's mom will NOT eat corn on the cob. The sight of it makes her "oink". Apparently, she believes that corn on the cob is for the pigs! So, perhaps it's a guy-thing???


Harajuku Girl said...

I am glad you finally decided to join in on the fun!!!!

Classic - I LOVE IT!! We are Davis Ranch corn on the cob eaters too.. Looks like I will be making a trip out there this week.. did not know it was in so early! Awesome..

Oh! and FYI - I am normally I like mine with LOTSSSSSSSSSS of butter!!! =D

LoveBugZ said...

I can't believe Mayo on corn BUT my dad likes mayo on his french fries! You take the BEST pictures - I could look at them forever!