Saturday, June 23, 2007

It was a Sea-Doo'in Saturday...

One of the first major purchases Rudy and I made were these Sea Doo's. Why? Why not? We had no kids at the time, we weren't avid water fanatics necessarily. Just because. That was 10 years ago! After many attempts to sell the PWCs (Personal Watercraft) we held on to them and let them depreciate in value while sitting in the garage not getting used. It was hard to accept the fact that these suckers depreciate FAST! For what we paid for them, parting with them for such a miniscule percentage of the full price seemed ridiculous. Rudy rides the yellow/black XP Limited, while I much prefer my purple/red GSX Limited.

Here we are today, nearly 5 years since our last "outing" with them. Man, what a BLAST we had! Oh, and... in those five years....we seemed to have become less limber and flexible. Tonight marks the beginning of the sore "throttle thumb", bruised legs and hurt hineys! Wow!
We took our PWCs out to Folsom Lake. The Avila's, Ortega's and McClain's all came out for the fun. Uncle Rafa brought his boat with kneeboard and 3-seat inner tube to pull along. That was one ride Dominic will NEVER go on again. It freaked him out! He did enjoy going out on Rudy's Sea-Doo. It was, however, only one ride, so perhaps, that was enough for now! Did I tell you how much fun we had? My wrists and forearms are so sore, I can barely type this blog!

The weather was perfect! The water was nice. All in all, a great time was had.

Dessert first...before it melts!

"Mom, really, I'll eat ANYTHING...just give it to me!"

Sydney gets caught "Doo'in" it.

Peyton would rather be "Doo'in" Dominic's nappy hair.

Applesauce...Course 2.

"You guys don't believe I can do this?"

These boys were ALL OVER this bag of chips!
Must be food of the gods.

Say Cheeeessse!.....Lips!
(Andrew's proud cheesy chip chin...err, grin!)


Harajuku Girl said...

Well, I think you can rest assured that we ALL made sure that the watercrafts got some GOOD use and may never see another dust bunny We surely have to make a family tradition out of this gathering. I thought it was out of this world fun. I mean everyone really had a blast. Even the people who just choose to sit and relax, sometimes that is really all you need too..

Oh boy, am I too feeling the "throttle thunb". Luckily for me no hurt hiney. I did not want to get too out of control. Sometimes I gorgot I was pregnant and had to slow down a I think Steven had a blast too. He wants to get one now.

It is funny about Dominic and his one ride. Andrew was the same way, had one ride, had a blast but that was it... normally anything he can connect with a race car he is all over. I guess he wanted to play in the mud instead.

And what was up with those boys and the bag of chips?! They were crazy! I must say, your pictures that you capture are great ;) ( If you do not minde shooting me over the2 with Andrew =D ) That was the one thing I forgot was our camera, I need to remember to be better about bringing it.

I was thinking one of these weekends we can bring Andrew over and the boys can play.. maybe have a BBQ or something.. They are so cute and play good together... ( That is if we ever get a weekend )

Okay! I think I am done writing a mini blog on your blog

desanibel said...

Hey it was a great weekend, can't wait to do it again. it's funny I wrote on here Sunday and it didn't show up... Strange... lets see this one should work.. I'm at home... it has me logged in, last time I kept trying to log on and maybe that's why it didn't work.

I love the pic you took of Peyton and Dominic on the sea doo... it's great.... Well i'm done loading pics now... I think I got a million, hard picking some to put out there..