Monday, June 25, 2007

Emergency Vet Visit #2 for 2007

Guess who? It's wasp-yellowjacket-hornet-bee-season and Roxy decided she'd have one for breakfast. I had no idea these stingers got to work so early?!? Leave it to her to snap at the morsel. Luckily I woke up and noticed the hose wasn't put away after yesterday's water fun, so I ventured out to roll that up (and discovered a chewed up storage box that Dominic left out - Thank god the Power Rangers made it back in the house safely!). That's when I noticed Ms. Puffy Lips. So, Fred got this year's first ER visit with his sprained wrist a few months ago, and here's Roxy to take the #2 visit. Luckily (lots of "luckily's" here) the vet got us in for an 8:00 appt. so that I wouldn't have to pay ER visit fees. Wahoo!!!! AND LUCKILY, the vet that was to see Roxy got there a little early to start her day and here we were...ready to be injected with cortisone and pay our grueling vet bill. Darn dog!

And so I learned a lesson in blogging today...where's the camera when you need it? I should have taken a picture of Ms. Puffy Lips. Do you think she'd ever forgive me? So, no pic of the before, but that's a pic of what the after is supposed to look like. Let's hope that maybe, just MAYBE, Roxy learned a lesson today? Afterall, I did!


Harajuku Girl said...

LOL - I laugh because we had to do the same thing with Frank. About 4 years ago ( or so ) we think he got stung, he was throwing up, really lethargic and pretty much was non responsive.. so, we rushed him to the goddy ER by this time it was 10ish and we paid those wonderful ER fees.. walked out of there a wonderful 200 something dollars later...

But that was not all! Frank had an elergic reaction. his nose swelled it was so funny.. so back to the ER we went ugh. Just as you said darn dog!

LoveBugZ said...

I didn't even think about a dog being able to have an allergic reaction - but obviously they can! Wow - Our puppy (who is 11 years old) is our first child!! They are so much a part of the family. Too bad they are not on our health insurance.