Friday, June 29, 2007

Eat your heart out, Ronald McDonald!

It's Fridaaaaaay! Wahoo! We're in for busy weekends for the next couple weeks. The temperatures are going to rise and the mosquitoes are coming out in full force.

I think I must give a plug to Tyson's Chicken Dinosaurs. The kids eat them like no other. And, of course, everything tastes better with ketchup. So, while Rudy and I had BBQ Tri-tip, mashed potatoes and fried bell peppers (Satan food, I'm sure) the boys were content with their chicken dinosaurs WITH KETCHUP. Dominic started with a triceratops, brontosaurus and a T-rex. Two of the same dinosaur on the plate just can't happen. Donovan could care less, as long as they float in ketchup. Would you believe Dominic asked for more? Yep, stegosaurus coming up! I was quite surprised at the successful dinner we had tonight...after all, while Rudy tended to the BBQ and I, the microwave, it just couldn't get any better!

What? Chicken nuggets aren't good for you? ("
Chicken-Nugget Boom Leads To Worries About Kids' Health") I knew I should have stopped at McDonald's on the way home.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hairless no more!

Vinny my man! Love the PJ's! It looks like you decided that at 8 months of age it was time for some hair, some teeth and some flattening of that rump. Way to go Buddy! It seems gravity is doing it's job...drool is falling, and those cheeks have elongated your face! Love ya little man! I can't wait to see what 9 months of age brings you!
Tia Andria

Baby, You're a Star!

After surfing my favorites spots on the internet, I came across this contest ( and thought to enter my "baby" just before he turns two. He'll still be my baby, right? He's got a LOT of competition out there, so pass him around. He sure could use some of that prize money for his education endeavors! Voting starts in July and you can vote everyday. So, bookmark me, and cast your vote. He is photo #1040 for the month of June. His Picture ID # is 13634. And special kudos to "Grandma Gertie" for her awesome photo-taking ability! This is the submitted photo:

Enjoying a summer day in 2006

Edited: You can bookmark the link to save it for another day. Voting does not begin until JULY. So every day in July, you can vote!...and remind other people to vote!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Emergency Vet Visit #2 for 2007

Guess who? It's wasp-yellowjacket-hornet-bee-season and Roxy decided she'd have one for breakfast. I had no idea these stingers got to work so early?!? Leave it to her to snap at the morsel. Luckily I woke up and noticed the hose wasn't put away after yesterday's water fun, so I ventured out to roll that up (and discovered a chewed up storage box that Dominic left out - Thank god the Power Rangers made it back in the house safely!). That's when I noticed Ms. Puffy Lips. So, Fred got this year's first ER visit with his sprained wrist a few months ago, and here's Roxy to take the #2 visit. Luckily (lots of "luckily's" here) the vet got us in for an 8:00 appt. so that I wouldn't have to pay ER visit fees. Wahoo!!!! AND LUCKILY, the vet that was to see Roxy got there a little early to start her day and here we were...ready to be injected with cortisone and pay our grueling vet bill. Darn dog!

And so I learned a lesson in blogging today...where's the camera when you need it? I should have taken a picture of Ms. Puffy Lips. Do you think she'd ever forgive me? So, no pic of the before, but that's a pic of what the after is supposed to look like. Let's hope that maybe, just MAYBE, Roxy learned a lesson today? Afterall, I did!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

It was a Sea-Doo'in Saturday...

One of the first major purchases Rudy and I made were these Sea Doo's. Why? Why not? We had no kids at the time, we weren't avid water fanatics necessarily. Just because. That was 10 years ago! After many attempts to sell the PWCs (Personal Watercraft) we held on to them and let them depreciate in value while sitting in the garage not getting used. It was hard to accept the fact that these suckers depreciate FAST! For what we paid for them, parting with them for such a miniscule percentage of the full price seemed ridiculous. Rudy rides the yellow/black XP Limited, while I much prefer my purple/red GSX Limited.

Here we are today, nearly 5 years since our last "outing" with them. Man, what a BLAST we had! Oh, and... in those five years....we seemed to have become less limber and flexible. Tonight marks the beginning of the sore "throttle thumb", bruised legs and hurt hineys! Wow!
We took our PWCs out to Folsom Lake. The Avila's, Ortega's and McClain's all came out for the fun. Uncle Rafa brought his boat with kneeboard and 3-seat inner tube to pull along. That was one ride Dominic will NEVER go on again. It freaked him out! He did enjoy going out on Rudy's Sea-Doo. It was, however, only one ride, so perhaps, that was enough for now! Did I tell you how much fun we had? My wrists and forearms are so sore, I can barely type this blog!

The weather was perfect! The water was nice. All in all, a great time was had.

Dessert first...before it melts!

"Mom, really, I'll eat ANYTHING...just give it to me!"

Sydney gets caught "Doo'in" it.

Peyton would rather be "Doo'in" Dominic's nappy hair.

Applesauce...Course 2.

"You guys don't believe I can do this?"

These boys were ALL OVER this bag of chips!
Must be food of the gods.

Say Cheeeessse!.....Lips!
(Andrew's proud cheesy chip chin...err, grin!)

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Coffee Song

Ralph Covert. He's really a goofy looking guy. After all of The Wiggles CDs were stolen from my car, one of the TWO newer CDs I purchased (the other being a Cars CD) was a Ralph's World CD. Let me tell ya, you gotta listen to it EVERYDAY on the way TO and FROM daycare for the songs to really catch on to you! The Coffee Song is just one of my favorites right now. Have a listen (through the link above) and tell me if you're singing it all the time too. It's sort of like hearing "It's a Small World" over and just can't get rid of it!

Sing along!

M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E
D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E

I love my kid... I love my kid
Gosh, I really love my kid
But I need what I need, and I need a lot of what I need

M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E
D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E

I want a latte, a cappuccino
And tonight I think I’ll have a little vino

M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E
D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E

Monday, June 18, 2007

Men and their tools...

What's a Father's Day without some sort of MANLY tool around? Imagine one that comes with the AAA batteries included!! And any tool that can be tested out on any human appendage is even more worth the price! So all the Dads got their "manly" tool yesterday (an adjustable wrench) thanks to "Grandma Gertie". After test-driving them, they posed for a picture...

Phil (soon-to-be AGAIN Dad), Rudy and Rookie Dad Chris

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Corn Season!

The corn is in! The corn is in! This time every year marks the beginning of corn season, as it just isn't summer until we've made the trip to Davis Ranch for their Famous Sweet Corn. Guess what we had for dinner tonight?

Okay, do you eat your corn on the cob? Let me tell you, I've married into some of the strangest corn-eaters. Way back when... Rudy was invited over to my house as mom cooked dinner. Sure, we had corn on the cob! But, funny thing, as we all were ready to "dig in", Rudy whispered, "Mayonnaise...I need mayonnaise." What the heck for? The corn? You want mayonnaise for your corn? Who eats corn on the cob with mayonnaise???? Eww, gross!

So that was the first indication of "wierdness" with the Avila Family. Oh well, I can live with it. I have this far, right? How about lime, salt and cayenne pepper on your corn? Apparently, Donovan's "in training" to develop that "wierdness".

Corn on the Cob Eating 101:
Step one: Quality Assurance
(limes were purchased at Davis Ranch too!)

The face of approval

Step two: Carefully squeeze lime over entire cob

Step three: Enjoy!

Step four: Burp. It's a sign of satisfaction.

Step five: Repeat!

Sidenote: Rudy's mom will NOT eat corn on the cob. The sight of it makes her "oink". Apparently, she believes that corn on the cob is for the pigs! So, perhaps it's a guy-thing???

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pool, Patio and Popsicles

It was Day 2 of 100+ degrees here in the valley...we're on a streak! After dinner, as it was still in the 90s, the boys took a dip out in the kiddie pool and enjoyed popsicles. Yum!
What else is there to do on a hot day?

Popsicles are better when shared with a friend.

Dominic is proud of the pool/slide combo he made.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thunderbirds come to Sacramento

It was the 2nd Annual of this Air Show at Mather. We were lucky to view the Thunderbirds fly by a bit during Dominic's birthday party. However, Dominic, Bianca and Rudy went to the "real thing" on Sunday. No shade, lots of sun, sweat and dust!

Yep, sleeping through it all - or that's a mighty fine Shrek impression!
(photos courtesy of Tio Phil)

Kanga and Roo...who knew?

photo courtesy of "Grandma Gertie"

Go Tigers!

The big guy starts Kindergarten in mid-August and will be attending St. John Vianny School in Rancho Cordova, my Alma Mater. It's going to be a year full of changes, not only for him, but for me too! Changes to the checkbook, the gas mileage, the schedules, the bedtime routine, the morning school uniform battle (Oh my - I have to make breakfast now?), etc...

Where is this post going??? SJV Tigers... my son will be a SJV Tiger!! Speaking of tigers, Mom, Dad, Donovan and I visited the Sacramento Zoo on Sunday, while Dominic, Rudy and the favorite cousin Bianca, went to the Capitol Air Show (see blog above). After the zoo, Donovan and I met with the in-laws to view the Thunderbirds from the front yard and had the boys and Bianca join us after the show for some grubbin'. Oh yeah, Tigers...

"Grandma Gertie" takes the BEST photos...don't you think?
(These Sumatran brothers are just 9 months old. Awwww!)

Happy Birthday Ranger Dominic!

That's RED Ranger Dominic! Where have the 5 years gone? Yep, our big boy turned FIVE on Saturday, June 9th. Needless to say, by all who attended, the kids had a blast. The lawn suffered minimal damage, but that's just proof of what fun was made going down the waterslide repeatedly, into the pool and running back to climb it again. The smaller babes enjoyed basking in the kiddie pool while the rest of us enjoyed an awesome day with the best family and friends. Partying is what we do best!

The pinata...before the beheading.

Triple A is not what you's Amanda, Ana and Alex!

Hang Loose!

Peyton earns her right to stay in the kiddie pool. Bring it on!

Sydney tries to keep from floating away.

Beach babe.

photos courtesy of "Grandma Gertie"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cousin Vinny

Cousin Vinny (to the boys) is a cute, little (22 lbs.), bald-is-beautiful, fun-loving 8 month old. Gotta love the guy. He puts up with a lot...and I continue to try and search for the perfect he needs one? So, I first thought Charlie Brown? How about Telly Savales?

So, today I thought...

THAT'S IT! ....Uncle Fester!
(just kidding Vinny! Although there are strikingly some resemblances, I'm quite positive you won't have to compete with your Dad for sunscreen on your scalp all the time!)


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