Thursday, January 24, 2008


Dominic's school is hosting their annual Open House this coming Sunday. The local community newspaper had an advertisement in it to invite others to come see what the school is all about. It's also a kick-off to Catholic School's Week and the parents' get to come to the classrooms to see their child's work so proudly displayed, and the work of others, of course. (If you're squirmy, stay away from the Science Lab displays!)

I've usually attended Open Houses in the past, just because it's after the mass we attend on Sunday and well, it's my Alma Mater, but this year I get to go because Dominic has started his first year of Kindergarten there and will hopefully continue his education at the school until 8th grade (provided there are no more dancing on toilets in the bathroom)!

What a surprise to see Dominic's picture (along with a classmate) in the local newspaper! (original photo above provided by Grandma Gertie)...

So tonight, Donovan attempts to earn his rights into the Class of 2018 by becoming a SJV Tiger...

I believe the conversation went like this:

Mommy look!

(I excitedly rush over to see his work of art, however there must have been an awful/disapproving look on my face...)

Mommy Go! ( in "Get back to doing what you were doing!")

Yikes, stripes!

Oh, I get it...It's a test...a test of whether I can handle 3 boys under this roof! Uh, huh. Well, at least he was quietly content while I was trying to make dinner. (Rudy and Dominic were away at their kickboxing class). Help me!


Kristie said...

I love it... That is so awesome, I hope you save that newspaper, turn it into a cool scrap page book... or just frame it... Don't let it turn yellow ~lmao~

Go DJ - quite artistic.. he's practicing for his tatoo parlor he's gonna open... I wonder if he'll try out his artwork on his oh so willing cousins???

we went to johns incredible pizza place... or whatever.. was fun... we'll have to all go sometime soon

LoveBugZ said...

I personally love his "Tatoo's"!!! They are much like what Marissa does...oohh wait she does her art on Nanny's bath tub!!
That is SO awesome that he is in the news paper- what a proud parent moment!

LoveBugZ said...

Hey can you email me at - thanks.