Monday, January 21, 2008

He's no Tim, Bob or Manny...

He's Dom the Drillman!

This is what I came home to today. About a month ago, I was cleaning out Dominic's room and had put away this workbench that took up a lot of space, was collecting dust, and just wasn't being used as it should (makes a great dumping ground for STUFF). So I gathered up all the bolts, screws, peg hooks, etc. and took apart the work bench and put it aside (thinking some day Donovan might be interested in it). Apparently Dominic needed a break from his Power Rangers and needed something else to do. And here it the middle of the family room!
He's lovin' it!

Special note
: The pajamas. It is GUARANTEED that when I have to work or be away from the house for awhile, that the boys will have a "Pajama Day" (Rudy included). Now, really, I'd LOVE for a Pajama Day myself, but you'd think being cooped up in a house all day is really fun on your day off? I was not at all surprised to come home seeing Dominic in the same PJ's as he was in when I left for work in the morning. They came off after dinner however because the boys needed to take a shower before bed. Besides, Dominic smelled like walking french toast, having spilled maple syrup somewhere on him at some point.

Hard at work.


Sarah said...

My boys always wear their pajamas...we are home everyday practically. Nothing wrong with it- they are allot more comfortable- especially when they're sick (like mine are).

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Fresno! My son Ricco will stay in pajamas all day. Sometimes he'll go change and put new pajamas on instead of putting on clothes. It used to be a major battle trying to get him out of them. He's gotten much better. I love how you referred to your son as smelling like walking french toast. Made me laugh.
Best of luck on the new addition to your family!

Melinda Zook said...

This is so funny. My son has that same set and he adores it. As far as pajamas go, my son dutifully picks out what pair he wants to wear each night and it is such a process. It's like the biggest decision ever!

Boys will be boys!

Kristie said...

This is great.... I have to bring the girls over to play. I'm sure they'd love to help Dom the drillman out with his work bench stuff. So does DJ get a chance to play too?

I can't believe they were in their PJ's all day long.. that is crazy. Tell me Rudy at least got dressed ~lmao~ Great pics

LoveBugZ said...

ooh I love my Jammy days!!!! I can't figure it out but your pictures are amazing and you are oh so talented with the camera! The tool set of Matthews (just like that) made it to Goodwill right before Christmas, maybe that was a mistake?????