Sunday, January 20, 2008

Move over Rosie, there's a new Robot in town!

Fed Ex Home Delivery came to my work last week to deliver not one, but two new electronic devices for our home. Yes, Rudy's been internet shopping again, and heck, what's another item in the house that needs to be charged and taking up space in our outlets?

Meet Roomba, the
iRobot. She's no Rosie! The Roomba has since been highly trained in her boundaries at the house. For now, she's been hired to vacuum the game/computer room, the hallway, Dominic's room and the kids' bathroom. Her clone (Roomba #2) will go through training to vacuum the master bedroom and other to-be-determined areas. So far she's done well. A few hangups occurred under Dominic bed, where she discovered some stray Uno cards and used tissues...good girl! But no Legos or Power Ranger parts have been consumed....YET! Donovan has taken up some sort of bond with Roomba and will set her free from her docking station at odd times of the day. Buttons with blinking lights are what attracts him I think. After the extensive training she's been through, I'm hoping her task is completed before she runs out of power (and back to her station she'll go). She's been programmed to complete her job while we're gone during the day, so I'd hate to see what she may have gotten into when we get home. I can say, I'm not particularly fond of the new purchases, but so far, vacuuming is one less thing that has to be done, right? I'm waiting for the iMop, iCleanToilets, iDish and iLaundry to come out.


Grandma Gertie's been at it again. She came over on Saturday morning to take Donovan out for a photo shoot at the park. (Dominic and Rudy were at their kickboxing class). DJ sported his gray golfer's hat and hammed it up for the camera. I stayed at the house and got some Christmas boxes out (and on their way to the garage!) YEA!!! Later, the boys went off to Cousin Athena's birthday party, while I took a quick nap and even managed to mop the floors and make a trip to Costco...another YEA!!!

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LoveBugZ said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat! He is just TOO precious~ Can I borrow your 'robot'?????