Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Faux-Hawk

It's the last day of Winter break for Dominic and it went out with a huge storm for us. The backyard is like "poop soup" since Rudy hasn't been back there to scoop, and the front yard, well, it'd be poop soup too if we hadn't cleaned up the diapers that fell out of the blown over garbage can. Ewww.

We've been cooped up for a couple of days with this weather and today was the day to get out and get Dominic's hair cut before returning back to school. It was nice to see some blue sky and even sunshine.
Dominic loves to get his hair cut and watch his favorite video at the same time. Today though, he did a lot of talking to the stylist and convinced her to make his hair "like his buddy's". I wasn't sure what that meant, but he explained it using hand motions and all! Of course, his hair was first cut and styled the way it should be (with a total of 4 cowlicks), then the stylist did her work to satisfy the kid. He got a faux-hawk!

Dad, as usual, freaked out when we got home with his new hairdo, but I'm sure I won't be able to get his hair to do this again (thank goodness) and if having a cool look is what makes this kid happy for a few hours, why not? It's fun and different for him. (We actually could have gone a step further and added the color spray -- oooooh, that'd really set Dad off!)

I think the hand under the chin
is the typical photo pose look.

Every mug shot needs a side view.


Kristie said...

Hey I love the new hair do...... it's way better than your daddy's. I think mom better invest in some styling gel for the lil man....

LoveBugZ said...

I love it! I did that once to Matthew after a bath and he thought it was way cool!!! Dad will get over it, I say do it all the time (LOL)!

Harajuku Girl said...

lol oh the fun things I have to look forward to .. you prepare me for them =)