Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Sunless Sunday

We've been quite damp here this past week (weather-wise) and are only expecting the same for the next week or so. We need the rain! However, we need to get out of the house and stretch our legs some too!

We started the day by going to 12:00 Mass (well, that was halfway through the day by then!) and then went to Dominic's Open House at school afterward. Luckily the rain let up enough for us to get to his classroom somewhat dry. Dominic proudly showed us his displayed work, where he sat, and the artwork of Grandma and Grandpa in the window (hilarious!). Donovan was honored to sit in Dominic's chair (so attentive!)

Dominic and his clone.

What do you think? Ready for Kindergarten?

Afterward, the boys and I went over to meet their newest cousin Addison (6 days old). They enjoyed hanging out with their cousins. Dominic and Alex quickly turned Superheros, while Amanda and Donovan, um, watched "Annie". Hey, "It's a Hard Knock Life!" And you know what?... "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" ....It did!

Amanda and Donovan, pretty in pink?

"Uncle Rudy, rescue me!"

Doin' their best stand-up routine!

1 comment:

Kristie said...

that lil baby is HUGE already.

I love the superheros... I think you need to stock up on those costumes... there needs to be more choices of which hero to be, I mean Monday thru Wednesday we can be the Red Ranger, but Thursday thru Saturday we might need to mix it up and be Batman or Robin or Superman....

I love the pics... and yes I believe that except for the diaper.. DJ might just fit in